Voice Control Smart Home w/ Mercedes MBUX

Complimentary Service: Now Available

Mercedes-Benz has implemented a brand-new capability for its MBUX Voice Assistant. This next generation of tech will enable individuals to utilize vocal control to operate appliances and security systems found within their homes. Starting from today, this service is available.

The now available MBUX Voice Assistant capability for smart homes gives users the ability to manage devices from Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, TP-Link, and Chamberlain Group’s myQ. Users have power to control lights, thermostats, motion sensors, smart plugs, as well as garage doors.

The offering enables clients to confirm the condition of several domestic appliances and systems via a straightforward verbal command. Individuals can inquire “Hey Mercedes, is all alright at home?”. The answer could be: “All windows are shut, and the bedroom lamp is still lit.” This modern enhancement allows distinct smart residence units to interconnect simultaneously.

Users can connect their smart home profiles with the vehicle simply by inquiring “Hey Mercedes, link up my smart home account’. This then creates a QR Code on the main display that occupants can scan utilizing their smartphone to make the process more organized. Customers may furthermore add accounts on the Mercedes me connect mobile application.

This month, Mercedes unveils an expansive update for its MBUX infotainment system, featuring a multitude of new components. This upgrade facilitates the introduction of Dolby Atmos audio capability into the vehicles, alongside innovations in their Voice Assist technology that enable the controlling of media within the infotainment platform — via commands to play tracks or hear updates on the latest news — and the addition of the NewsFlash app.

Mercedes is bringing YouTube to certain 2024 models, consisting of the S-Class, EQE, and those equipped with the Entertainment Package Plus in the EQS. Moreover, the Hyperscreen on the EQE and EQS has been granted additional operation, allowing occupants to choose personalization pictures for the distinctive screen and to listen to vivid content with the vehicle audio system. The German auto manufacturer rolled out the update to over 700,000 cars across the globe.

In preparation for 2025, Mercedes is prepping the third incarnation of its MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) setup. Earlier this year, we were given a glance at the advancements concerning the infotainment capabilities and a new selection of applications similar to Angry Birds, TikTok, Zoom, and Vivaldi web browser. Moreover, the next iteration of the MBUX platform provides users with various automated controls which enable them to modify several vehicle settings such as the air-conditioning, chair cooling and the radio station, through only one request.

That technology may still be a little while off, though the complimentary smart home functionality can now be access on Mercedes automobiles where MBUX Voice Assistant is installed. There isn’t any need for extra costs or package upgrades to take advantage of this feature.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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