Volkswagen ID: Electric Crossover Arrives

Which Niche is Uncertain?

CarBuzz has identified a recent trademark filing at the European Intellectual Property Office that is coupled with one registered in the German Patent and Trademark Office. The document reveals the name of an upcoming Volkswagen automobile: the ID. Cross. Grammarly checked – All grammar looks correct.

Owing to its long history, this moniker is far from obscurity in the eyes of Volkswagen fans. The 2017 Shanghai Auto Show highlighted the launch of a brand-new concept known as the ID. Crozz, which was shortly followed by a revised version – the ID. Crozz II – shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show that same year.

From its genesis, these principles eventually formed the groundwork for Volkswagen’s creation of the ID.4, posing thus: what exactly is identity of this new Cross name?

As Volkswagen shifts to electrification, three famous models have been preserved: the Golf, Tiguan, and GTI. Consequently, the fresh identification title of ID. Cross can be used for many purposes; however, assuming that Volkswagen has previously made use of ‘Cross’ in their designations, it is likely to speculate that the word will adorn either a crossover or an SUV.

It looks all but certain that Volkswagen will be branding its smallest crossover, the T-Cross, with the tag “Tayron”. Reports have emerged which support this in regards to trademark filings made at European intellectual property offices. The T-Cross is not available in the United States because of its miniature size.

Mentions of the Crozz moniker have been rife among Chinese Volkswagen models, suggesting that this ID. Cross identifier could be allocated to an up and coming China-exclusive crossover. A more likely explanation may be for the recently showcased extended hatchback variant of the ID.7 – however one thing is for certain: The ‘ID.’ prefix suggests it will feature an electric powertrain.

Last year, rumors swirled that Volkswagen was considering totally revamping its classification process in order to render it simpler for people to hint at models from their emblems; however, up to this day, the matter hasn’t been brought to fruition.

We’ll just have to hang tight and find out what Volkswagen has up their sleeve.

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