VW Rabbit: 1,000HP SR20 Drag Beast

Rear-Wheel-Drive Conversion

A person from South Africa has achieved a successful union, merging the initial-generation Typ14 Volkswagen Caddy (or Rabbit in the US) with a Nissan SR20 inline-four engine. The outcome is a wondrous car capable of producing an astonishing 1,007 horsepower and 820 lb-ft of torque.

“El Paco,” the drag car created by Lance Pillay of ERF Racing, is no ordinary vehicle. In an interview with the Speed and Sound YouTube channel, Lance shared some details about his impressive mini-truck. “It’s all about forced induction and a sick tune from Kruger Worx, a South Africa-based company,” he said. “The four-banger produces some incredible figures.”

[EL PACO] Rear Wheel Drive TURBO CADDY | PLUS ERF Racing Workshop Visit - Part 1

The Volkswagen Caddy, derived from the Golf, has gained fame in the USA as the Rabbit Pickup. This is viewed as much the same as today’s Hyundai Santa Fe or Ford Maverick would be. Several noteworthy Rabbit Pickup constructions have been fashioned over recent years–however this one surpasses all of them in extravagance.

At least, Lance manages El Paco’s with an astonishing 39 psi. Truly mind-blowing, considering the already remarkable Koenigsegg Jesko Attack holds a minorly lower boost reading of 31 psi.

We are not astonished by Lance’s Caddy, as it is a dragster, and these usually go to the furtive lengths for forcible induction systems. Also aiding its power is an SR20 engine, reputedly tough sufficient to drive 400 hp with no difficulty.

Apart from the massive power hike, the car was also innovated into a rear-wheel-drive. Other alterations includes a reinforced rear differential, an aftermarket engine control system, a custom rear spoiler, a drag parachute, a distinctive hood exhaust releasing point, a tailored air intake, and a large radiator. Of course, there’s more customization for this ride to manage all that extra stress.

At present, the El Paco has already managed to clock 10-second laps down a quarter-mile stretch. Nonetheless, Lance is not going to stop there and hopes to reach nine seconds instead. Should he succeed, according to him, a Volkswagen motor would be included back into its engine compartment.

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