Alpina B3 Special Edition: Rare BMWs for the Elite

Only 5 Beautiful Cars Produced.

BMW has an extraordinary link to South Africa since it was the initial nation to have a BMW production plant beyond Germany, and that is why the German motor company is constructing one of its extraordinary limited editions to date exclusively for Mzansi (a slang title for the Republic of South Africa).

Only those living in the far-south of Africa will have the exclusive opportunity to acquire the BMW Alpina B3 50 Years of BMW South African Edition. Strictly limited to just five vehicles, each will be rendered with Alpina Green II Metallic color.

Drawing upon the renowned BMW 3 Series Sedan as its foundation, the Alpina B3 is powered by a S58 twin-turbo inline-six engine akin to the one found in the M3; though tuned to present 495 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque, outstripping even the M3 Competition which produces 503 hp and 479 lb-ft.

The Alpina’s suspension configuration is much gentler, focusing on maximizing rider comfort over competition performance. The Alpina B3 can be thought of as a more comfortable counterpart to the M3, transforming it into a vehicle whose purpose is for drivers who wish to move quickly yet never look upon the track as their destination.

The B3 continues to demonstrate dauntless velocity, reaching sixty miles per hour in an astonishing 3.6 seconds and topping off at a maximum speed of 190 mph. Although the B3 is accessible in wagon form (Touring), the 50 Years of BMW South Africa Exclusive Edition is only available as a sedan.

The exterior of this limited edition B3 stays true to its standard form, with silver Alpina lettering, but it does get 20-inch classic forged Alpina wheels. Inside, the car has been given special touches to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of BMW Group South Africa. The front headrests are embroidered with a unique “BMW Group South Africa 50 Years anniversary” logo, and the center console plaque reads “50 Years an Icon BMW South Africa” with a note that this car is one of only five.

Unique door sills and a specially-crafted steering wheel, with cross-stitched accents in bright white and green hues, are among the other Alpina components.

Undeniably, the unique edition sports a plethora of enhancements in terms of performance, such as an optimized sport chassis, exhaust system, brake gear with heat-resistant cushions and drilled discs. Additionally, its sports suspension is enriched with four distinct modes: Comfort+, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ – it features extraordinary coils, shock absorbers and steering calibrations.

All five examples have already been purchased and will be shipped out by December 2023. As a tribute to other special editions indigenous to South Africa, BMW planned the 333i, which sold above 200 units as an alternate to the E30 M3 wasn’t available in the South African market. Furthermore, BMW South Africa also covertly manufactured the M7 that the Germans declined, as they were one of the first to create M models before M even existed.

The approximate cost of the BMW Alpina B3 50 Years of BMW South Africa Edition is estimated to be around R3 million, equating approximately to $164,311. Admittedly, a rather competitive price for such a strikingly limited-edition model.

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