VW Seeking Renault to Develop Inexpensive EV

Renault and Possible Partnership Talks Discussed

When VW revealed their ID.2all concept displaying a €25,000 ($27,000)value, they declared they were creating an even less expensive electric vehicle. The corporation intends to create a zero-emissions entry-level model costing below €20,000 ($21,500). Nevertheless, it appears the personnel from Wolfsburg are in search of a partner to accelerate the progress and deter opposition from Chinese adversaries.

According to Automotive News Europe, German business newspaper Handelsblatt has reported that Volkswagen is currently in negotiations with Renault. The talks are said to be in their “early stage” and aim to produce 200,000 to 250,000 cars per year for both automakers. It is important to note that these talks are still in the early stages and may not lead to any actual products.

While VW declined to comment, a spokesperson for Renault reached by ANE stated: “We are in various conversations, but nothing is set in stone yet.”

The French manufacturer will achieve a feat that their Volkswagen counterparts won’t beat, in releasing the new R5 by 2024, outstripping the ID.2all’s transition into a commercial vehicle by a year or more. Moreover, Renault have already shown us a preview of the much-anticipated R4 which is due in 2025, as well as a further advancement of their Twingo model. Depicted below, this will be the brand’s most economical Electric Vehicle available and should become available to buy in 2026.

Renault has opted to employ the Ampr Small (formerly known as CMF-BEV) architecture for its 5, 4, and Twingo models. While these will only be available in electric versions, they will not possess a framework uniquely intended for electrical automobiles. As many as 70 percent of components are expected to come from the existing CMF-B platform used in the Clio, with this aiming to reduce expenses.

It remains to be seen if the VW’s low-priced electric automotive would feature any similarity with the Twingo or they’re electing to concoct a brand new architecture. The least expensive Renault’s electric motor vehicle will also cost beneath the €20,000 restriction and is supposed to supersede the existing Twingo Z.E.

Source: Handelsblatt via Automotive News Europe

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