VW Touareg v Modded Land Rover Discovery Off-Road Duel

Engine and Suspension Upgrades
£100k Land Rover Discovery v £20k VW Touareg: OFF-ROAD RACE!

Automakers now make much more effort in aiding their off-road lovers than ever. The favoured nature of crossovers and sport utility vehicles has brought many more people who relish the notion of utilizing them on some rugged land, although you don’t require a chic SUV to make your wishes come true.

A comparison is being made between a newer model Land Rover Discovery and an older Volkswagen Touareg to determine which is the superior off-road performer. Nevertheless, both are modified, with their owners installing a variety of enhancements on the vehicles, making this much more than your ordinary battle between new and old creations. The Volkswagen has all the makings of a true survivor, given its additional snorkel and bed-lining paint job in black, while the Land Rover is ready for some fun and comfort with a rooftop tent and interior kitchen fixtures.

The 2007 Touareg contains a 5.0 liter V10 diesel engine that generates a powerful 352 horsepower and an enormous 1,000 Newton-meters (737 pound-feet) of torque; this surpasses the regular output of 310 hp and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft). Furthermore, it enjoys a 50 millimeter (2.17-inch) suspension lift enabling it to enjoy an impressive ground clearance measuring 290 mm (11.42 inches).

The Discovery brings a modified 3.0L V6 diesel to the table, producing 306hp and 600Nm of force (442 lb-ft). Its suspension has taken the ride height up 358mm (14.1in). Volkswagen dominates in terms of power output, its chassis being slighter in mass at 2524kg (5564lb) compared to the comprehensive 3400-kg (7495-lb) heft of the Land Rover.

The two SUVs went head-to-head in half a dozen off-trail contests that evaluated both machines’ potency and maneuverability, their frames and abeyance, turning capabilities, and beyond. Despite the VW appearing more intrepid of the duo, the Land Rover’s minuter tires and supplementary weight – even though it brought up its center of gravity – aided in keeping the Disco feeling stronger through some of the trials.

The Land Rover possessed the upper hand with its modern off-road technology, controlling wheel spin, breaks, and shifting in the process. This feature certainly facilitated navigating rugged landscapes, though it is not a superpower for these cars. Despite the fact that the Land Rover emerged successful in the challenge overall, the less techy (and more budget friendly) Volkswagen managed to keep up without much difficulty.

Source: CarWow / YouTube

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