Watch: Epic Off-Road Climb Showdown

R1T Makes Climbing Look Simple.

Just a few weeks ago, we shared a video of a Tesla Cybertruck attempting to traverse some light off-road terrain at the Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) in California. Unfortunately, the blocky electric truck had difficulty turning and gaining traction on the SVRA’s “The Steps” section, making it clear that the Tesla is not the best option for off-roading. Seeing an opportunity, both Ford and Rivian are now using this failure to promote their own vehicles’ capabilities.

Fast forwarding to the present, Ford’s CEO Jim Farley posted a clip on X featuring the F-150 Lightning veering down the same trail. Compared to the Cybertruck, it managed to stay firm on the turning point and only let out a small squeal of its tires as it moved through the uneven terrain, surpassing the Tesla in speed and steadiness.

Testing of Tesla Cybertrucks is being done on the terrain of Hollister Hill RSVA! Have a glimpse of this photo on Twitter @abKyBRLLLZ!

In addition, a separate video by X depicted the Rivian R1T pickup van successfully climbing and conquering a hill faster than either the Ford or Tesla.

It is not that much of a surprise that the Rivian R1T has unfold many trumps up its sleeve. Numerous reviewers identified that it certainly gave a more flexible suspension system than both the Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F-150 Lightning. Although it is not known at this moment what precise form of R1T trim was featured in the video, but we can tell you with authority that its premier four-motor variant is more vigorous compared to the Ford – exhibiting 835 horsepower as well as 908 lb-ft of torque. While, the superlative top-of-the-line model of the Ford F-150 Lightning produces merely 580 hp plus 775 lb-ft.

Currently, only the size of the Cybertruck and its interior dimensions have thus far been revealed. However, we know almost nothing yet about its powertrain. Reports have already suggested that a high-performance tri-motor variant is being planned – putting it on par at least with the lower output of 665 horsepower offered by the Rivian R1T.

Walk in a cake kind of way! Trying to recreate the undertaking of the Cybertruck. Check this out ~~~Stroll with ease! Attempting to imitate the success of the Cybertruck – have a peek here

Returning to the videos of hill-climbing, there are numerous other elements that could shape the way these vehicles perform in this treacherous terrain. Therefore, basing judgment solely on clips won’t offer an accurate assessment of their actual potential.

There are a lot of crucial elements in the equation that one cannot note just from watching the video. For instance, what type of tires did each vehicle have? Were they all fully-inflated? Was the Cybertruck piloted by a beginner or were the other two EVs driven by more experienced people? Once the Teslacyber comes out this upcoming November 30th, we will finally be able to make an actual, proper assessment concerning these electric pickups off the beaten track. It appears, though, that the competitor models will feel like they’re incomparably ahead of the Cybertruck.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is a remarkable vehicle that offers numerous capabilities. Known for its versatility, this model can do almost anything you ask of it. Its impressive design and powerful engine make it an excellent choice for many applications. This makes it a great option for those looking to get the most out of their vehicle. No matter the task, the F-150 Lightning guarantees to deliver.

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