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The new Panamera – livestream

Although the Porsche Macan and Cayenne dominate its marketing transactions, the demand for the Panamera has been intense enough to release a new version. For several months now, extensive promotional activity regarding the third generation of the car has circulated but today marks the end with its global unveiling. We have already caught a glimpse at the very up-to-date internal design and now the last elements of concealment are about to be unveiled, revealing what is likely to be an exterior that evolves from the previous edition.

The latest iteration of Porsche’s Panamera has been verified to feature a selection of four hybrid powertrains, more electrified than ever before. The E-Hybrid versions are equipped with an expansive 25.9-kWh battery pack providing even more distance with no usage of gasoline. Furthermore, a high-powered electric motor is integrated into the 8-speed, double-clutch automatic transmission. At its most impressive level upon release, the all-new model will deliver up to 650 horsepower from an eight-cylinder, twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine unified with an e-motor.

There are anticipated to be numerous V6 iterations of the newly-unveiled Panamera. All motorized models have been constructed to conform to Euro 7 standards that will soon be implemented. Numerous customers will be daunted by the multiple platforms available, with some having electrification and others avoiding hybridization. Sitting atop will likely be the Turbo S E-Hybrid showing off a remarkable 729 horsepower; a number that dwarfs the potency of the range-topping Cayenne.

The Turbo models of a certain vehicle will be adorned with a new Porsche crest featuring a unique “Turbonite” gray finish, making them stand out from the rest. It has been reported that the engineers have also implemented improved air suspensions with two-valve shock absorbers that provide independent compression and rebound. If desired, customers can pay extra to get active damper control.

It is estimated by Porsche that EVs will constitute over 80% of its yearly shipments by the year 2030. This implies that the ongoing Panamera, possessing combustion engines, would be the last of its kind. This makes perfect sense due to the fact that the upcoming Macan, Cayenne, together with the 718 Boxster/Cayman have already been validated as being EV-only cars. Not to mention, the bigger three-row SUV intending to launch during the later years of this decade would not be supplied with combustion engines either.

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