Witness AMG Master Building Pagani V12 Engine

AMG V12: Behind the Power of Pagani Supercars.

Pagani has unveiled a brand-new video that provides an intimate glimpse into the production of its own AMG-crafted V12s, presenting us with an amazing view on how these motors come to life.

Created by hand in Affalterbach, Germany; the M158 twin-turbocharged V12 engine is bestowing significant power to the Utopia, Huayra R, and the Imola Roadster. Entrusting just two specialists for assembling these twelve cylinder motors, one of them being Michael Kubler – AMG’s most formidable engine builder.

Kubler was initially designated to construct the 65 AMG engines for the S65, SL65, and CL65 editions and eventually developed to more elite models as well as those created by Maybach. Upon being proffered the place of the head engine designer at Pagani, he eagerly accepted it.

As highlighted in the video below, Kubler employs good attention to detail when constructing these momentous powerplants – Pagani loyalists anticipate unparalleled accuracy. When talking about ‘hand-built’ they don’t joke, evincing that this has proper value in Pagani’s creations. With utmost finesse, Kubler attaches the 6.0-liter V12 engine with preciseness putting the core of the car cautiously together.

AMG × Pagani - A closer look at the Pagani V12 engine

Whilst this might be a disconcerting experience for many, AMG are inflexible when it comes to allowing others to tinker with those engines. Nevertheless, Kubler exudes the poise of someone who is in full command of their profession.

The AMG- in-house designed V12 is an awe-inspiring masterpiece, with intricate elements, contoured form, as well as the token AMG plaque featuring Kubler’s autograph.

For nearly 25 years, Pagani has had a strong link with Mercedes-AMG. The outstanding supercar, the Zonda C12, was released in 1999 and came with the impressive M120 6.0-L V12 delivering up to 444 HP. It could be found on several versions, as well as the 7.0-L on the Zonda C12-S edition.

Later Zondas, including the 7.3 S, were upheld by the M297 engine, used in several of the company’s vehicles, along with some exclusive Mercedes-AMG versions – such as the SL73 and CLK-GTR Strassenversion. Heading towards the present day, Pagani have adopted the newer M158 Pagani AMG V12 motor for the Utopia model line.

The powertrain, which makes a sublime sound, boasts an unbelievable 852-horsepower and 811 lb-feet of torque and is exclusively created for Pagani. Not a single other industry or maker has enjoyed the benefit of AMG constructing an engine just for them, even though AMG furnishes Aston Martin with V8 engines.

“The Italian proverb ‘Squadra che vince non si cambia’ – ‘Never change a winning team’ – is particularly fitting when it comes to the partnership between Pagani Automobili and Mercedes-AMG,” Pagani wrote in an Instagram post. “This successful collaboration perfectly encapsulates the idea of sticking with a winning formula.”

“We can expect the V12 to be around for quite some time,” said Horacio Pagani of his company’s signature engine. Despite the possibilities of a hybrid V8 offering up to 1,000 horsepower from Mercedes-AMG, Pagani declined the motor. “Pagani cars are meant to be lightweight,” he explained. “So, [although] we will continue to explore developments for electrification, our primary goal is to make the car more enjoyable.”

Assembling a V12 engine by hand is a guaranteed strategy for achieving success.

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