Witness An Epic Group B Rally

Experience Rallye Monte-Carlo’s 1986 Iconic Cars in Action.

The Eighties offered a captivating period. The Rubik’s Cube was novel. Researchers found the Titanic. And Formula 1 vehicles contained turbocharged motors that could generate more than 1,300 horsepower in qualifying tune. Furthermore, the Eighties were the zenith of stage rally; when mighty Group B vehicles raced on forest-lined backroads throughout Europe.

This streaming tv show from the past, hosted by Passats de Canto on YouTube, provides us with a personal insight into Group B racing in 1986. Captured right alongside the 1986 Rallye Monte Carlo, some of the most iconic cars such as Audi’s Quattro, Peugeot’s 206 T16, Lancia’s 037 and Delta S4 can be seen navigating through the snowy Alpine roads in France.

Moreover, we are exposed to auto-racing interviews conducted in Italian along with mechanics, team bosses and drivers. Fascinatingly, we have the privilege of glimpsing the inner workings of rallying when it was as renowned as F1. We can observe teams adjusting the cars and getting ready for tire and fuel stops.

This affair would be the concluding Rallye Monte Carlo of Group B. Numerous spectator and pilot fatalities across the sequence’s timeline would become evident at the Tour de Corse rally soon after, when driver Henri Toivonen and his companion Sergio Cresto perished after their Delta S4 left the road. Just a number of hours after the incident, FIA head Jean-Marie Balestre restricted Competitors Group B cars from taking part in 1987, signifying the finish of the most dramatic age of rallying.

Rallye Monte-Carlo 1986 | Group B [Passats de canto] (Telesport)

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