Taming the Kimera EV037: A Rally Beast Tamed.

Two Journalists Test Drive an Enthusiast’s Dream

In the eighties, the World Rally Championship was redefined by the addition of the Group B category. This development sparked the production of some breathtakingly dynamic and cutting-edge performance vehicles. With practically no prohibitions, these rally cars demonstrated remarkable speed, strength, and an alarming knack for landing themselves in difficult situations.

Of those remarkable machines, the Lancia 037 was a powerful driving force and claimed the 1983 championship. Nowadays it is a precious and scarce vintage vehicle.

The lively moderators at Throttle House from YouTube embarked on an excursion to the north-western part of Italy, close to Turin, in order to evaluate a modernized restomod of the Lancia Rally 037 called the EV037. This motor vehicle has the potential not only to be the crowning achievement for drivers, but could also become a Group B powerhouse with its road-legal abilities.

Kimera EVO37 Review // Something Special

People can come up with the vision of 4WD sedans when considering rallying on dirt and gravel roads, however, the Lancia was distinctively equipped with a mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive. This renovated vehicle, called the Kimera EV037, is a rare 37 unit group B rallycar intended to be used on the public road, produced by the custom shop known as Kimera Automobili.

The British and American YouTube couple underscore that, while maintaining the car’s primary character, its state-of-the-art technology endows it with supercar performance comparable to any of today.

Specifications alone make it a dream for car aficionados: it is a mid-mounted, rear-wheel-driven vehicle that is equipped with a manual transmission and 500 horsepower engine. This power stems from the turbocharged and supercharged 2.1-liter four-cylinder engine.

Flaunting power intensities ranging from 350 horsepower to a maximum of 450 hp in its track-tuned version and culminating at 505 hp, this car produces more power than the notorious Group B rally cars. Despite this mightiness, the proprietors report that the vehicle is easy to manage and even includes some useful amenities. Of course, the machinery can still be quite menacing when commanded.

By 2023, the street-legal Lancia Rally 037 is expected to command a median value of approximately $500,000 when available for purchase; however, due to the limited production run of about 200 units created for homologation reasons, they don’t come up too often.

This modified version creates a modern performance car from an older classic, while keeping the initial look and core framework of the award-winning Lancia. Through its revised suspension, high output powertrain, and custom-made interior, the Kimera EV037 carries an impressive price tag – around $730,000.

Exploring the potential and effort that gets applied to each customized device, together with the thorough rehabilitation process, it appears to be a justifiable price.

Driving an antique can be pleasant – however, this 037 provides more punch, and with its transformation from an old donor motor vehicle to modern restomod, it is sure to stay on the road for many years ahead.

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