Witness China’s EV Wasteland: Abandoned Autos Litter Vast Fields

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China is Throwing Away Fields of Electric Cars - Letting them Rot!

China has come out as a major player in the worldwide manufacture and distribution of electric cars. However, there could potentially be certain unsavory aspects associated with this progress. A short video was released which seemed to suggest that certain Chinese producers were doing less-than-honest activities to acquire government subsidies, increase their financial resources, and soar in the car sales rankings.

Astonishing overhead views obtained with drone photography demonstrate the enormity of vacant Chinese electric automobiles located in the fields of one of the districts of Hangzhou – the Zhejiang Province’s capital on the east coast. On these images, some Geely Kandi K10 EVs, Neta Vs and BYD e3 models are identifiable among the largely deserted cars.

An eerie atmosphere pervades the site as fading white paint is obscured beneath a blanket of dust, and tires hidden beneath encroaching vegetation. However, when viewed inside, the location looks pristine; the plastic chair covers remain untarnished and the monitors retain their glimmering radiance.

All of the vehicles in question exhibit registration plates. Re-shared drone footage from famous YouTuber Winston Sterzel proclaims that several Chinese electric car producers purportedly register all these automobiles and state to have sold them as a means to demonstrate high figures and get subsidies from the authorities.

A caption, after being rendered into English, states “BYD has an excess of stocks, with 600 vehicles scheduled to be processed.” In the accompaniment video, a record demonstrates the size of Hangzhou’s land area in which the stockpiles have been abandoned and corroding. This terrain is approximately 15,000 square meters and of commercial nature.

The South China Morning Post and The Atlantic both had stories in 2018 regarding Shanghai, which is the biggest city of the nation and also a worldwide centre for money. According to The Atlantic, after bike sharing arrived at its top in 2017 in China, give was much higher than request. This led to huge accumulations of garishly painted additional bicycles.

With regard to electric vehicles, a YouTuber noted “manufacturers are producing them without conducting any market research and without analyzing the viability of their product.” However, some of the drone videos providing evidence are quite aged – it’s indeterminate what the condition of the EV cemetery is today and if any measures have been done against the automakers.

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