Witness Vintage Corvette Crashing off Transporter

Painful Observation

Receiving a vintage 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible should be an exhilarating event, however, for one purchaser the joy soon dissipated once his beloved classic sports car fell off an auto carrier, landing with a thud on the pavement.

The video, initially distributed on TikTok, has since gained enormous traction and shows the off-white Chevrolet Corvette about to be released. The driver of the transporter is observed placing a ceasing block behind the rear left wheel, yet this wasn’t sufficient to avoid the Chevy from roaring down the ramp.

Social media users have not been timid in their condemnation of the driver, yet if one observes closely, it is clear to see that the Corvette’s left rear wheel is gently moving over the chock. Even so, alternative safety measures should have been taken. In a horrendous crash, the splendidly kept vehicle plunges onto the street.

Appalled by the episode, the motorist can be heard voicing his disapproval.

“Come on, man! C’mon. It rolled right over the darn chock.”

The back end bumper absorbs much of the traumatic jolt, while the front tires are quick to follow. Inevitably, one of the wheel covers launches out of position due to the hard collision, causing the boot lid to automatically fly open. Recorded media allows us to fully witness exactly how drastically this Corvette has been spoiled from its former pristine state.

The fiberglass shell of the ’62 Corvette has been fractured at the aft, while the chrome-plated license plate holder experienced the majority of the collision’s concussion. Nevertheless, that is merely the visual cosmetic harm, and it can be supposed that the sports car sustained harm to its body-on-chassis assembly and a number of components concerning the suspension.

Although the situation is not optimal, the new proprietor has recordings verifying the occurrence and can likely make a claim from the shipper’s insurance.

It is nearly impossible to verify with absolute conviction, yet the car in the video appears uncannily similar to a C2 Corvette that fetched a sale on Bring A Trailer back in late Feb. In the image below you can make out clearly what it is.

It being the same model year is not all that is similar, the cream colored painting and scarlet leather inside perfectly echo the deteriorated car in the video.

The lack of license tags creates a difficulty in proper confirmation, however other aspects – like the National Corvette Restorers Society symbol on the windshield and a second label on the foldable roof – seem to point to the same automobile. If that’s the situation, it’s all the more disheartening since the owner spent $111,000 on its revival. To put it into perspective, that’s higher than the sticker price of a fresh Corvette Z06.

It is a heart-breaking truth that these types of events occur frequently. In this most recent incident, it involved a Jaguar F-Type tumbling off its corresponding car transporter and nearly careening into the pavement before it came to a sudden halt after smacking into an immobile Silverado truck. Shockingly, a year prior, an all fresh Range Rover had an even more dreadful hit when the transportation truck it was traveling on collided with an overpass, consequentially eradicating the entirety of the SUV’s rooftop.

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