YouTuber Raves About 2024 Grand Highlander

SavageGeese Gives a Closer Look at Toyota’s SUV

The SUV market of full-size cars is presently intensely competitive. Automobiles such as the Honda Pilot and Kia Telluride have already established their positions; however, the notable lack of Toyota from this particular segment has been conspicuous. Regarded widely to be one of the most dependable auto makers, the Japanese behemoth has yet to join the fray.

Until recently, the realm of mid-size SUVs has been filled by two distinct Toyota models: the Highlander and the Sequoia. This year, however, the Japanese automaker is set to change things up by introducing its newest creation—the Toyota Grand Highlander. The savvy folks at SavageGeese got the privilege of previewing this vehicle before its official launch, and for the most part, they were well satisfied with what they saw. That being said, not everything about it has left them fully enchanted.

Toyota Grand Highlander | For People Who Need it Big

There are three models of this Toyota SUV, each having a few levels of trims. The less costly versions of the gasoline-powered and hybrid editions cost between $43,070 to $44,670 each. If you’re in search of the topmost grade with 362 horsepower, you may need to pay up to $58,125 for the Hybrid Max Platinum variant.

Mark, the host, pointed out that cargo capacity is a significant consideration for owners of larger Sports Utility Vehicles. The Toyota Grand Highlander has a good amount of space in spite of having three rows of seating. When you fold down this third row, which was designed to comfortably accommodate full-grown adults, there will be 60 cubic feet of storage. Moreover, with the second row folded away a whopping 90 cubic feet can be gained, thus making it an attractive choice for both tradespeople and families with numerous children. It appears apparent that the Toyota Grand Highlander targets and attempts to achieve this “best-of-both-worlds” situation.

Mark claims in the video that this Toyota SUV has authentic charm in its exterior design. It still retains the well-known corporate atmosphere of more modern Toyota models; nevertheless, the Grand Highlander was awarded an unique style of its own. As it has neither too lady-like nor too manly outer look – a right combination of elements is achieved here.

A lot of deliberation has taken place when it comes to this vehicle. According to Mark, Toyota has concentrated on constructing a resilient car that isn’t dependent on the momentary trends of minimalist touchscreens or inconsequential interior functions. All components inside are effective, and Toyota has come back to its normal design. Technology is included as well with the UI of the digital measure cluster and the upholstery resembling the more expensive Lexus.

The impressive 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander melds together the advantages of a Rav4 with certain much-praised features inspired by highly dependable Lexus models. This sleek blend of an SUV and small van fits right into the “classy” category. The only factual drawbacks associated with this automobile, according to SavageGeese, are its inadequate body control coupled with a less than powerful powertrain when compared to its luxury rivals.

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