Toyota Unveils Crown Hybrid SUV at LA Auto Show

Toyota Unveiling New Crown SUV, Not Sport Type

Earlier this year, the Toyota Crown made a resurgence in the United States as an impressive four-door sedan featuring the same ride height of a crossover. Interestingly, what is accessible in America is only one of four styles of the Toyota Crown SUV. There is a strong chance the other versions will debut here in 2024, with a planned reveal at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show.

Presenting Toyota’s specs, this vehicle brand continuously sets up consistent benchmarks for motorized transportation. Offering a wide variety of makes and models that are unsurpassed in the industry, Toyota ensures that their merchandise provides great performance and features. Not only that, but Toyota vehicles come equipped with safety measures that provide peace of mind for the driver and passengers. Toyota continues to consistently set new standards in vehicular technology. Offering a multitude of automobiles, Toyota is renowned for the quality of its rides. Not only do the cars possess such talents- many models include advanced safety equipment which make them desirable for drivers who are looking for safety as well as convenience. All in all, Toyota’s specs guarantee an enjoyable experience both behind and away from the wheel.

Toyota has publicly accepted that its premier vehicle could no longer cater to the diverging needs of its patrons adequately. Thus, they gave their creation squad the responsibility of crafting an ‘Crown for a new era.’ As an outcome, four completely different Crown variations have been presented, every one of them being four-door models with assorted features.

At the outset, the Japanese auto manufacturer initiated the market launch of the Crossover Crown. The U.S. adaptation of this specific unit, which incorporates qualities from both a sedan and an SUV, was aired in July 2022, before arriving on the commercialised scene by the start of 2023.

This year, two variations of Toyota Crown will be released in Japan. First is the Crown Sedan; a dignified car with a long wheelbase and roomy body that ensures comfortability throughout its journey. Second, the Crown Sport – an SUV geared for those looking for a dynamic ride in an easy to maneuver form factor.

Toyota proclaimed recently that a brand-new Crown SUV will make its debut at the LA Auto Show, leaving some of their customers wishing it might be the sharp and zippy Sport version. Unfortunately for them, the two teaser images shared by Toyota USA on Instagram appear to contradict this assumption; the rear-ending of the SUV in said pictures has a subtler presence than the dynamic look of the Crown Sport form.


A more detailed analysis of all the Crown models unveils certain expectations: next week, Toyota is going to launch a new Crown SUV which is expected to be the Estate type. Per Toyota’s description, this SUV has both practicality and a grown-up vibe, plus copious legroom for travelers.

Reaching this conclusion, one only has to compare the tail ends of all the Crown model varieties to that of the SUV displayed in the teaser. Only the Royal Estate type shares the same tail end with the showcased Crown SUV. The logo at the end of the teasers suggests that the forthcoming Crown SUV could be a hybrid version (HEV), just like the Cross-over; and no doubt, it probably will come with a hefty price tag similar to that of the Cross-over too. Though, Toyota will make it confirmed when they are ready to reveal the Crown SUV at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

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