1. Limited Edition 1957 Fiat 500 Collezione Marks Oddest Milestone

Fiat Celebrates 67 Years with Special Anniversary!

Fiat is honoring the classic Nuova 500 microcar by releasing a special edition called the 500 Collezione 1957. Only 1,957 units will be produced to commemorate the year of the microcar’s debut, coinciding with… nothing particularly significant, considering it has been 67 years since its introduction. Nevertheless, during this time, the 500 has evolved into an iconic vehicle and inspired the charming modern hatchback that we adore today.

Since its initial release in 2007, an impressive sum of 3.2 million units of the 500 has been purchased, solidifying its significance in the automotive market. Despite a decline in popularity among American consumers, the new and improved Fiat 500e is making its way to the States this year, with hopes of rekindling their interest.

Unfortunately, the American market will not have access to this fresh limited edition, as it is mainly targeted towards the European market in convertible form.

When searching for the adorable limited edition model, certain design elements serve as key indicators. One such feature is a 1957 serigraphy third light, which symbolically connects “the past to the future.” This charming car boasts a two-tone color scheme, with Bossa Nova White and Dew Green paint separated by a silver ‘beauty line’ (or pinstripe). The look is completed with a beige soft-top roof, chrome mirror caps, and 16-inch White Diamond wheels.

A unique 1957 ‘Easter Egg’ is featured on the back windshield, showcasing the outlines of the original model juxtaposed with the current version and flanked by the years 1957 and 2024 in elegant scripts.

The interior of the car features a numbered plaque located on the center tunnel, giving it a unique touch. The dash also receives a stylish wooden trim treatment. The seats are a stunning ivory color and are adorned with Frau Leather inserts. Adding to its exclusivity, the seatbacks are embossed with the “ONE OF 1957” logo.

Based on the specific market, the city vehicle can be equipped with a 70-hp 1.0-liter hybrid motor or a 69-hp 1.2-liter engine. The initial option is combined with a manual transmission, while the latter comes with an AMT system which functions as a manual gearbox that automatically controls the clutch and gear changes.

The United States has not been chosen as one of the markets to receive the Fiat 500 Collezione 1957. However, this exclusive edition is now being distributed in Japan and various European nations. Instead, American customers will have access to the standard 500e model, which currently comes in just one version with a starting price of $32,500. This places it among the most reasonably priced electric vehicles in the country, and there are further possibilities for even more budget-friendly trims to be introduced.

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