1,000HP Mustang Stunner at SEMA

A Stealthier Look: Bye Bye Matte Silver!

After a three-year hiatus, the Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang has made its return in its 2.0 iteration at SEMA 2023. Having been given a fresh new coat of paint and several modifications, the restomod Ford Mustang sadly became afflicted in an untimely manner when it was hit by a truck during one of the quarantine cruising events. This unlucky incident left the vehicle with serious damage to the entire left side. Consequently, restoration and renovation were necessary.

The updated version appears to be a marked progression from the Ringbrothers Mustang Convertible restomod endeavor. Although it remained near faithful to its predecessor which debuted in SEMA 2016 as the definitive pro-touring Mustang, this new adaptation discards its matte silver coating for a stealthier Black and silver stripes.

The Vicious Mustang had its roots as a 1965 edition, however, it was deeply altered with hand crafted body pieces; the only factory portions remaining being the A-pillars and cowl.

The 1003 whp Twin Turbo/Supercharged Vicious Mustang 2.0 is Back!

The frame was custom-crafted from the start, featuring a foundation composed of a Art Morrison front sub-structure with a Corvette C7 front wheel arrangement. At the rear end, it also continues with the Art Morrison plan, comprising of an independent suspension system, a Dana rear differential and a 342 Suretrac axle. Furthermore, to augment its strength, the car is fitted with a 14-point chromoly cage.

The tenacious 2.0 still relies on the usual Ford Coyote V8, giving it an output of 1,003 bhp to the wheels with the help of its dual charged induction set-up which involves two 68mm Precision turbos accompanied by a 1.8-liter Magnuson Supercharger. This mechanism is not a customary OEM kit as what was exhibited at SEMA; nevertheless, it functions sufficiently.

In order to handle the enormous amount of power, this engine is equipped with a Darton sleeve set and a variety of support modifications. These include a Manely Performance rotating assembly, GT350 cylinder heads, Comp valvetrain, modular motorsports timing chain, and 3/4 inch exhaust system with Magnaflow mufflers. It also has dual intercoolers and backed up by E85 tuning. To transfer all that power to the rear tires, it is installed with a Centerforce clutch and EMCO sequential six-speed transmission, along with paddle shifters which give you instant throttle shifts.

The muscle car is equipped with highly responsive Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and Ridetech triple adjustable shocks. Completing the setup is a pair of Forgeline wheels; 19×11 in the front and 19×14 ½ in the rear. To maximize torque output, the Mustang boasts Kumho 305/30/R19 Viper ACR tires on the front and 355/30R19 rubber at the back.

The complete interior of the cabin is awash in a hue of red, and has been enhanced with aftermarket components, like Sparco Pro 2000 QRT bucket seats and a full set of Motech parts, comprising a harness, controls, and a display.

It may be impossible to fulfil your desire of having a Nic Cage Eleanor Mustang, yet this street-ready piece of work fuses together its aesthetic with functionality in an impressive way. This creation stands out with all the modifications which serve a special purpose.

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