New AMG GT: Track-Ready Underwear Included!

Push2Pass Boosts HP to 739

The recently premiered Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro is perfect for well-heeled aficionados of speed who want to get out on the track, without necessarily striving to compete. The starting cost of this car is an imposing $509,545 (479,000 euros).

Drawing on the Mercedes-AMG GT2 as the fundamental base, the Pro version offers upgraded performance. This comprises of a Push2Pass device which momentarily increases output from the V8 4.0L twin-turbo to 739 horsepower (551 kW) in comparison to the conventional 697 hp (520 kW) when driving at its customary speed. Besides that, the sequential six gear transmission has additionally been regulated with new ratios.

The GT2 Pro also obtains a set of four-way adjustable shock absorbers, unlike the pre-existing race car which has three-way adjustable ones. Plus, Mercedes improved the aerodynamics with the inclusion of bigger endplates to the back wing.

All the GT2 Professionals come with an elegant matte grey body and radiating teal stripes. The 18-inch wheels showcase a similar color design. The carbon-fiber segments are highlighted with a glossy finish. In the interior, varnish on the center console presents a bluish cast. To keep the operator comfortable during a race circuit, air conditioning is included. For security measures, this car features a carbon safety cell, a five-point belt restraint, armored nets, a fire extinguisher, and a roof top extraction hatch.

Customers have a broad selection of motor-centric extras as well. Puma has a complete racing set, comprising of competition apparel, gloves, shoes, and even special underwear specially created for track use. Additionally, there is also a Bell motorized helmet featuring a special Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro pattern.

Mercedes provides various possibilities to patrons desiring consequently extra comfortability. A safety cell allowing a second person to accompany the driver on the track is included. Plus, a seat and helmet cooling as well as hydration capacity are also available. Moreover, users may even ask for instruction from one of the professionals of the Mercedes-AMG Drivers’ Pool.

Although the GT2 Pro is not officially accepted for racing out of the box, it can be modified to become suitable for competitive events. Customers even have priority allowance when signing up to contests within the AMG Racing Series.

The AMG GT2 and Pro may be the popular track-ready variants of this iconic Mercedes sports coupe, yet not all are aware of the limited edition GT3 Edition 55. Released in August, only five lucky owners were privileged enough to lay their hands on this beastly machine. Although the model wasn’t FIA homologated for competitions, the already awe-inspiring 6.3-liter V8 was tweaked to generate a mind-blowing 650 hp – a whopping 100 hp increase compared to the standard GT3 version! These exclusive cars reportedly come with a lavish price tag of roughly $620,000 (or 625,000 euros ).

It appears as though Mercedes may soon have a marketable, street-legal iteration of the AMG GT in the works. According to past estimations, the electric motor on the rear axle combined with the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 produced around 800 horsepower-which is quite impressive.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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