1:18 Scale Detail Shop’s Mini-Vehicle Makeover

Cleaning and Waxing Miniature BMWs, Audis, & Toyotas
Detailing a Mini Audi RSQ8 at Miniature Car Detailing Studio 1:18 Scale | Diecast Model Cars

Gathering automobiles can be a pricey pastime that few people possess the funds to relish. However, obtaining actual cars carries a high expense. Not saying assembling a wonderful 1:18-scale diecast set is not expensive but usually ranks in the hundreds or thousands of dollars instead of six or seven digits. Emphasizing the point, this pursuit lies within the reach of the regular car enthusiast.

No matter how much skill goes into any average 1:18 scale model car collection, nothing compares to this one! This incredible video shows us a detailed 1:18-scale workshop and it looks almost too good to be true. Having been featured at the Miniature Automobiles YouTube channel, you can easily be impressed by the attention to detail in this tiny diorama. It’s almost as if you were looking at the real scene, but with the occasional stiff human figure and too-big hand shifting a vehicle!

This full-service automotive detail center has it all: a showroom with aftermarket wheels, desks for sales staff, various car washing and waxing bays and storage units that are labeled clearly. glanced around Seemingly, cautionary signs hanging off the walls can be seen often from vehicle repair shops. You’ll also find minuscule bottles of purifying agents on workbenches. Large industrial doors and slabs of concrete as the floor give this garage an authentic feel – complete with messy floors covered in dirt, indicating poorly cared for vehicles brought in for detailing.

“It’s time for some off-road fun!” That’s the opening line of this entertaining video, which starts with an Audi RSQ8 taking a spin in the dirt before heading into the shop for some paint protection. Next up is a Range Rover, which gets a thorough car wash, followed by a 1:18 scale Volkswagen T-Cross unboxing. After that, it’s off to the detail shop for some paint correction on the T-Cross. Then, it’s time for another PPF job – this time on a BMW 5 Series. And don’t forget those wheels on display – the sports sedan gets some new rims to complete the look.

It is not made public how much effort went into producing this scene, and there is also no reference to this in the video description. Sounds familiar? That’s right – in January we had already seen Miniature Automobiles creating an unbelievably realistic Mercedes-Benz showroom. The same way, superb lighting and photography make this newest video look even more vivid. We eagerly anticipate what other great creations this gifted creator will come up with!

Source: Miniature Automobiles via YouTube

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