1,250 Horsepower Lambo Cruises at 225 MPH on Autobahn with Ease

Limiting Gear Ratio Hampers Huracán’s Full Potential

Typically, a vehicle’s maximum speed is restricted by factors such as power and air resistance rather than gear ratios. However, with the assistance of two turbochargers, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante manages to surpass its original constraints and achieve its full potential determined by its gears. And this potential is quite substantial.

Thanks to the coverage by AutoTopNL, we have direct access to the top speeds achievable by Lamborghini cars when equipped with sufficient power. In their latest video, they tested a twin-turbo Huracán on the German Autobahn, revealing a maximum speed of 225.5 mph (363 kph for metric enthusiasts). It’s safe to say that however you prefer your speed displayed, the results are mind-bogglingly swift.

To make it clear, this occurred on a road accessible to the public. Furthermore, it took place on a section of the autobahn where speed limits are not enforced. While the footage does not reveal the exact circumstances, based on the sky, it appears to be a use of extreme speed early in the day. As there is almost no other vehicles on the road, we will leave it up to individual judgement on the appropriateness and moral implications. Honestly, if we had the opportunity to unleash a 1,250-horsepower Lamborghini on an empty road without any speed restrictions, we would also take advantage of it.

The velocity is undeniably insane, however, the rate of increase is debatably more noteworthy. The initial rapid thrust of the footage occurs at the three-minute interval, propelling the Huracán from 90 to 240 kph (56 to 149 mph) in less than six seconds. The attempt at reaching the maximum speed is even more impressive – starting from the same initial speed of 90 kph, it takes a mere 15.6 seconds for the digital instrument panel to momentarily display 363 kph (225 mph). This equates to almost 9,000 revolutions per minute according to the rev counter, and the engine produces an exquisite sound throughout the entire experience.

The Huracán Performance has the potential to reach a staggering 230 or even 240 mph, thanks to its additional gear, and it was still gaining speed when it hit its highest velocity. However, currently, the top speed of this Lamborghini is capped at 225 mph.

Source: AutoTop NL / Motorsport TV

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