Lamborghini Huracan Successor: Hear Its Roar

Twin-Turbo V8 Replacing V10
2025 Lamborghini TEMERARIO Prototype Huracan Successor Spied Testing For The First Time

Lamborghini is electrifying its line of vehicles, the next model set to replace the Huracan expected to have a hybrid configuration similar to that of the Revuelto. There is, however, uncertainty regarding what parts Lamborghini plans to use in the replacement of the Huracan. A newly released spy video offers audiophiles the opportunity to explore the coupe’s acoustics; yet it is problematic to deduce the kind of powertrain making the sound.

Last year, Rouven Mohr from Lamborghini declared that the successor of the Huracan would be fitted with an engine ranging from 6 all the way to 12 cylinders. Although later on there was an article speculating that a twin-turbocharged V8 equal to the one in the Urus would be present instead of the existing 5.2-liter V10. The video simultaneously released is quite loud, but it is unclear if it actually is an 8 or 10 cylinder motor, giving merely away a gruff, low growling sound.

Lamborghini is striving to electrify their range by the termination of 2024. The Urus Performante, which debuted in August last year with a formidable 666 horsepower from its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine, still isn’t electric-powered. The Revuelto, powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine and three electric motors, produces an exceptional 1,001 hp; however, we shouldn’t expect so much propelling force from the Huracan. Currently, it has a massive 631 hp from its V10 motor, but if Lamborghini chooses to introduce batteries, then we would be unconcerned if the successor’s production rate escalates.

The house of the raging bull remains vague about the details related to the powertrain of the vehicle. It is purported that its innovative electric motor will be placed in between the petrol engine and the transmission, delivering both an electrifying boost and an additional combustion-less impetus to the all-wheel driving supercar. In addition, Lamborghini has already announced that the up-coming Huracán successor will be built with Revuelto’s new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The Lamborghini test car may be using camouflage in an effort to veil its aesthetics, however the company are unable to obscure everything. The substitute for the Huracan bears a genuine resemblance to a supercar, with the coveted sharp angles, even though the manufacturer is trying to dupe our vision with decals.

The new Huracan has a markedly different profile than the Revuelto. Although both feature a shark-like front end and a wide body, the Huracan has more pronounced curves that stretch along the bottom of the car. It also features some subtle changes to the aerodynamics, such as an edgier rear end and side skirts. Additionally, the interior is much different than the cabin of the Revuelto, as the Huracan features luxurious touches throughout and a dashboard arrangement that’s been tailored towards performance driving. The latest version of the Lamborghini Huracan sports many distinctions from its predecessor, the Revuelto. While they exhibit similar styling in the face, with prominent bumper designs and rear wheel-exposing diffusers, there is a marked distinction between them stylistically. The Huracan stands out with curved panels further down the body; slick air dynamics comprising an angular tail and well-defined side skirts; and a plush cabin that is distinctly optimized for high-speed driving.

The vehicle, which is shrouded in camouflage, boasts slim headlights that hover atop noticeable grille openings on the front fascia. Furthermore, a single hexagonal tailpipe peeks out from the center of the rear, and the brake lights are shielded by stickers.

If you desired to purchase one of the few remaining Lamborghini Huracan vehicles left, you have already missed out. In May, the manufacturer proclaimed that all production has sold out and those cars will no longer be produced after 2024. We speculate viewing its successor being unveiled late in 2021 before it is available for sale in the beginning of 2025.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube

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