$1.5M Wild Mercedes-AMG Concept: The Erebos X Supercar

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Have you ever fantasized about having your very own Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept? You will be pleased to learn that a US-based organization recently designed and built an amazingly crafted supercar which has strong comparisons to the venerated German blueprint.

The renowned Parker Brothers Concepts, a specialty store based in Florida that crafts futuristic motorcycles, cars for the silver screen, and almost everything else under the sun, have created the celebrated Erebos X. Far from being simply another garish body kit, this eye-catching vehicle seems to have what it takes to give the more established supercar labels a run for their money.

Beneath that enormous hood is a twin-turboloaded V8 motor yielding 835 horsepower. Matched with the claimed weight of 2,718 lbs., it follows that the Erebos X has the capacity to reach 60 mph in merely 2.9 seconds. Its peak speed is an admirable 202 mph.

Whereas it embraces plenty of the aesthetic elements of the Vision Gran Turismo, the design is far from a half-hearted facsimile. Indeed, it is not a haphazard knock-off of the original.

The lengthy and elegant bonnet, slender headlights, and massive grille are equivalent to the Benz, though from the back, the Erebos X is quite unique.

In contrast to the Mercedes made for the Gran Turismo series, this bespoke supercar specifically displays a robust rear wing and an original rear light array reminiscent of the exquisite lighting depictions observed on the Bugatti Divo. The murky outer layer is quite understated and has been mated with wheels respecting the design of AeroDiscs in shades of black and green.

The vibrant lime green hue of the inside may not be desirable for every individual, yet it’s unquestionably captivating. Controversial Yoke-style steering sits at the helm.

Parker Brothers Concepts has been relatively hush-hush about its unique formation, however, we wouldn’t be astounded if it was an antique rendition of the AMG GT covered up in personalized packaging.

In the situation that it appears, anticipate the double-turbocharged V8 motor to be the trademark’s 4.0-liter M178 device, reinforced with some adaptations.

We can certainly detect artifacts from the traditional Mercedes inside, mostly in the shape and design of the SLS AMG’s celebrated cascading dashboard that dives into the central console. The Erebos X also draws obvious provocation from the iconic gullwing doors featured on the model of the legendary original modern supercar produced by the AMG brand.

The imaginative Vision Gran Turismo was featured in Justice League in 2017, chosen by none other than Bruce Wayne (aka the Caped Crusader himself). Unfortunately, only 10 of these Erebos X cars are set to be produced, at exorbitant cost. In fact, a prototype is currently for sale on James Edition for an unfathomable $1.5 million – truly remarkable seeing as it’s an obscure model.

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