Revving to 10,000 RPM: Genesis GT Concept

Genesis Reveals Full-Size Vision GT Concept Car

Including the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept, one would add another alluring vehicle to Genesis’ lineup. Adorned with an array of tantalizing features, this coupe subverts all expectations as a mid-engine car with curved bodywork and a low-lying roofline accented with double exhaust tips adorning the engine cover. To add to the appeal, it comes with center-lock wheels and the option of gullwing-style doors. Although you won’t find this beauty in the store, those with Gran Turismo 7 can enjoy this stunningly stunning concept with its incredible drag coefficient of 0.34 — although, granted, cleaning it might prove a challenge.

This physical mock-up does not come with a powertrain, however, its virtual equivalent features a high-rpm V6 that’s turbocharged thanks to e-SC technology. This acronym stands for the term electric supercharger used in Genesis advertising. The set-up packing 400+ hp is employed in this year’s G90 sedan; conversely, it boasts 870 hp and sprouts 1,071 Nm of torque in the gaming domain. Inclusion of an electric motor in this hybrid drive system yields a total output of 1,071 horses and 1,337 Nm.

Genesis states that it has adopted an “anti-wedge attitude” with the concept’s styling, yet still featuring its signature quad light motif. The lights stretch to the sides of the car, creating the illusion that two illuminated strips are coming together beneath the bodywork. At the rear of the vehicle is a large diffuser, complete with a vertical third brake light that is reminiscent of Formula 1 fog lights.

The two-seater cabin is minimalistic, featuring a fashionable and interesting interior boasting several knobs and integrated monitors sited on the middle section console and a complementing pair mounted to the steering wheel. The door panels include revolving displays, as well as an immense display spanning the entire width of the dashboard, which serves as the infotainment system given the driving instrument panel has been constructed in the yoke-like style of the steering wheel.

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Idea is set to be present in Gran Turismo 7 come next month.

Source: Genesis

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