1955 Willys Pickup: Serious Cringe Factor

Make Classic Car Fans Furious: Show Them This!

A peculiar 1955 Willys Pickup has been put up for auction by Mecum Auctions, and it will never even remotely resemble its original classic form. This goes against the grain of most preservationists who prefer to maintain classic Willys and Jeeps models as close as conceivable to their initial design.

As reported, its towering stance is attained via a 26-inch lift kit fitted with coilovers. In addition, it features a chromed out 4-link suspension system and axles originally from a 2015 Ford F-350. Furthermore, it rolls along boasting 44×19-inch Super Swamper tires mounted onto gleaming Liberty forged wheels.

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The 1950s version of the Jeep Gladiator was equipped with a strong light bar, BAMF LED rock lamps, a DV8 front bumper, and a ceramic finish covering its dull gray color. Making the build more amusing, the vehicle even features HornBlaster train horns.

This vintage-redesigned Willys not only boasts an intimidating presence but sports a 6.0-liter Chevy V8 LS powerplant, 4L80E automated tranny, and an NP241 gearbox. Whilst no performance data was unveiled, the unit is outfitted with a stage 4 cam and spring kit, aftermarket headers, and some Holley tech.

What is the cost of this build? Unfortunately, the list fails to give a price estimate, yet this Willys pickup truck will be up for grabs during an auction in Kissimmee from January 2nd to 14th, 2024.

If you’ve been curious as to why this wild build exists, the answer is simple: it was created to “impress” at the 2021 SEMA. Although it’s unlikely that it can handle off-roading, with a bit of hard work and the right components, someone may be able to rescue this classic pickup from its current condition.

We straightforwardly can’t comprehend the interest. We wince at superfluous reconstructs like the forthcoming Liberty Walk Countach, and it’s just another over the top construct put together foremost for consideration.

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