Nissan Z: Meaner With Widebody Kit

Liberty Walk Widens the Nissan Z with Pointy Nose Kit.

Liberty Walk, the originator of Japanese body kits, is recognized for their commitment to altering cars with extravagantly wide fenders and stunningly low bumpers. Applying this same exuberant style to the new Nissan Z, the outcome is virtually certain to be attention-grabbing to say the least.

Liberty Walk’s body kit arrives in six distinct components. One of the earliest pieces is the front bumper and fascia, which contrasts considerably with the standard version of the Z (see illustration below). The revised model contains a much pointier design, plus an open area that takes up practically the whole width of the vehicle. Moreover, a new hood comes along as well; it has similar design to the original part, with the addition of vents close to the A-pillars. The end result sports much more distinctive aesthetics than the stock ones.

Widened fenders are a trademark for Liberty Walk, seen widely in most of their body kits and present in this Z-car as well. Notable rivets where pieces meet the car’s sides make them especially recognizes. The back-end ones, in particular, sloping down at the rear margin gives off an impressive view of the tyres beneath.

A three-part add-on can be affixed to the tail’s final part, providing an enhanced appearance when compared with Nissan’s Z Nismo offering. The tweaked bumper places a mock diffuser positioned in between the exhaust pipes.

This Z vehicle from Liberty Walk makes quite the statement with a flashy body kit. An impressive visual upgrade comes in the form of 8-spoked wheels with a distinct gunmetal finish, which pays homage to the classic Minilite design. But the detail that truly steals the show is the custom-fitted larger diameter exhaust pipes flaunting eye-catching blue-tinted tips. On the inside, the car is equipped with Bride’s stimuli-inducing sports seats for that extra boost of style.

This six-piece body kit from Liberty Walk is priced at an estimated $9,328for the fiberglass-reinforced plastic parts or else $11,583 for carbon-fiber- reinforced plastic pieces. If wide fenders are not included then this package will be sold for $6,578 when made available in FRP material or $8,833 for CFRP components.

If you’re fond of the wonderful tangerine hue on the Liberty Walk Z seen in these pictures, we just heard a rumor that an analogous shade could potentially be added to the car’s spectrum of colors available in the States. We spotted this splendid pumpkin-toned vehicle while visiting Nissan’s distinguished Heritage Museum in Japan.

Source: Liberty Walk


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