1967 C10 Lowrider: Sticking Out in Kissimmee

Chevy C10 Build at Kissimmee 2024 Auction: Unique.

Since October of last year, Californians have completely and legally been able to enjoy the pastime of lowriding. If you are seeking to join the range of low-profile and sluggish auto-drivers, then there is one exclusive Chevrolet C10 vehicle that will be up for grabs during the Kissimmee 2024 auction.

The Kissimmee 2024 sale hosted by Mecum Auctions may be among the most expansive ever, with a whopping 4,000 consigners coming from all corners of the United States.

Believe us when we declare that there is a plethora of C10 and other pickup builds present, and the former of the Silverado – the lowrider – stands out brilliantly like a sore thumb – not solely on account of its striking golden colouring and visual artwork but more so down to the vast bodywork it includes, including components like chrome etching and airbrushing.

Maxima Imagen, situated in Azusa, California, completed the entire tailored airbrush and graphical task on this motor vehicle; with a principal focus of blazing skulls and checkered flags. Grammar fixed: Maxima Imagen, located in Azusa, California, accomplished the entire customized airbrushing and graphic work on the vehicle, featuring flaming skulls and checkered flags as the central theme.

Curiosity about the custom engraving was ignited by us, visible on the LED headlight peripheries, the grille, the 22-inch Forgiato rims (engraved inside), the tailgate, and even within the chrome components of the internal cabin and billet tiller. The model exudes Latin warmth, corresponding with California’s notable supporters of lowrider society.

Beyond the motif, the retreat offers advanced services such as digital controls, a distinct audiovisual system fitted with custom-built infotainment, and bespoke burgundy/tan leather furnishings that envelop both seats.

Unveiled by the McDonnell’s in South Gate, California, a robust 454 cubic inch V8 engine is the core of this lowrider, combined with a 700R4 automatic transmission. And although the exact power output is unknown, this isn’t the focal point of this type of ride. Anyhow, an airride suspension with dual compressors, a common feature in these vehicles, has also been installed.

If you are one who is keen on this build, Mecum Auctions does not have a point of reference for pricing. You have considerable time to deliberate though, with the auction located in Kissimmee 2024 taking place right now up until the 14th of January, 2024.

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