Purchase Unique Austin Yellow BMW M2

Another M2? This One’s Unique!

The final model of the BMW M2 remains one of the most distinguished contemporary M cars of all time. And the consensus online is that it exhibits a far more aesthetically-pleasing design than the newer version. Should you fancy an especially peculiar F87, an imminent Mecum public sale will offer a totally exclusive M2.

On its way to the Mecum Kissimmee sale in 2024 sits this exclusive 2017 BMW M2. Its one-of-a-kind Austin Yellow paint job was specially designed by collector Michael Fux, and cost him an added $26,445 on top of the standard price, amounting to a total expense of exactly $114,085. As a reminder, a standard model of the M2 would have set one back $52,695 in 2017.

This unique automobile arrives unaltered, boasting its original turbocharged 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine which generates 365 HP, linked to a double-clutch gearbox. The interior of the car features black leather upholstery with coordinating yellow threading plus carbon fiber and Alcantara finishes. Furthermore, this M2 is equipped with a heated steering wheel, heated bucket seats, an all-inclusive Executive package, as well as some other extra luxurious interior components.

Fortunate subscribers should be pleased to learn that the car has just been subjected to a mere 30 miles; it has hardly been utilized. Presently, Mecum is not revealing any forecasted auction expenditure, however expect it to be more than its original worth. When it comes up for sale in the Mecum Kissimmee auction, which starts on January 2nd and concludes on January 14th, 2024, you have the possibility to make it yours.

Source: Mecum

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