1968 Charger Style: New Challenger Gets Carbon Fiber.

Black Velvet: Limited Edition Hellcat-Powered Luxury

Do you want the look of an old Dodge Charger without having to worry about its traditional vehicle idiosyncrasies? Well, then eXoMod Concepts could be exactly what you need! They provide remodeling services for Challenger challengers and now even offer them in carbon fiber.

The corporation’s most recent item is labeled the Black Velvet. This limited edition amalgamates the ideal parts of two separate entities, combining the Challenger SRT Hellcat with brand new carbon fiber cladding that echoes the classic 1968 Charger. The Black Velvet obtains the 717-horsepower Hellcat powertrain as standard, although purchasers can go for the intense Redeye Jailbreak version featuring 807 hp.

An hefty 400-lb diminishing set against the typical Challenger gives way to an incomparably bold Black Velvet with a carbon-clad build. Power is then sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed Torqueflite transmission, allowing for the convenient operation of steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

This illustration’s exterior features a custom Black Pearl painted finish that truly emphasizes the musculature of the Charger design. A muted Satin Graphite trim sets down a shadowy impression, while five-spoke Forgeline rims in a grey finish complete the look harmoniously. Bounding the edges of these wheels are 315/35 Nitto NT555 tires.

Into the cabin, Black Laguna leather has been fitted as decoration. A few may have observed that the Challenger’s interior is preserved through the installation of Black Velvet, supplying a wealth of present day luxuries obtained from the gift vehicle.

“The Black Velvet is certainly one of our most awe-inspiring builds,” declared Rick Katzeff, CEO of eXoMod Concepts. “It’s sure to draw attention wherever it goes, combining the iconic look of the late ’60s with a contemporary flair and a dependable, powerful ride. It’s a hit among both car fans and those who don’t typically care about cars.”

As always, when something is truly attractive and desirable, there’s a hefty price tag for Black Velvet. Earlier in the year, eXoMod exposed a Charger remake with a upgraded 1,000-hp motor powered by Hennessey. Understandably, the cost was $379,000. But now, prepare to pay an amount of $325,000 for the normal Black Velvet edition, and then add on $20,000 if you are aiming to obtain the Redeye Jailbreak edition. While it’s a huge total, this reflects the effort that goes into constructing each car with gentleness and care.

Every automobile consumes 1,500 hours in its fabrication, pointing to the fact that nothing is neglected when these grand automobiles are being crafted. To put it into perspective, on average it takes 450 hours to complete a Rolls-Royce. In addition, Dodge provides a full drivetrain warranty with every Black Velvet, providing you with enhanced tranquility.

No two of eXoMod’s vehicles will be alike, offering buyers a unique one-of-a-kind experience. If it catches your eye, then the company is now taking orders.

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