Tribute Carbon-Fiber 1969 Daytona Tribute From Hellcat Redeye

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The Dodge Charger Daytona is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, and now you can possess a modern-day version crafted from all-carbon fiber courtesy of ExoMod. This performance and design company takes a contemporary Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and completely transforms it into a ’69 Charger with over 800 horsepower, carbon fiber bodywork, and an enormous rear wing. It’s dubbed the D69 Carbon Daytona, and it may be one of the most impressive “Retro Mods” to ever grace the roads.

It’s no surprise that ExoMod has come out with another amazing creation; for years they have been taking new Challengers and giving them an old-school Charger makeover. With powerful Hellcat engines to speed along the transformation, many of these modified Challengers boast more than 800hp while some can exceed 1000 horses! No matter which model you choose, all of them draw admiring glances wherever they go; but this new model may be the crowning achievement.

Beginning with a stripped-down stock version of the Challenger Hellcat Redeye, the firm began constructing the Daytona using ExoMod’s custom-made carbon fiber retro body. Evident everywhere from the rear diffuser to the door jambs and hood scoop, much of the material remains visible in the vehicle, however, Firenze Red Pearl paint adorns the remaining area, with stylish black accents added.

It is perched upon Forgeline DE3C wheels with brushed outer rims and a famed satin bronze center hue, decorated with Nitto NT555 tires. Behind them exist bulky Brembo brakes which contain six-piston calipers and approximately 16 inches of deep-slotted rotors in the front and four-piston calipers in the back.

The enterprise did a commendable effort of disguising the stockiness of the modern Challenger beneath its covers, with the exterior package heavily echoing the old-fashioned one.

We were desiring the design could have been extended to the headlights. Forgoing pop-up units similiar to the original detracts from the entire design, as it doesn’t look quite right. Safety factors of walkers though preclude this idea.

Transferring to the inner side is a much more contemporary matter, as one receives a milieu almost mirroring an everyday Hellcat’s, encumbered with two tones of Ink and Italian walnut leather covering the seats and door panels. The ambiance inside isn’t the prime activity and, thankfully, the performance is prepared to grasp your notice.

The vehicle flaunts the 6.2L supercharger V8 borrowed from the Redeye, producing a ferocious 807HP. This power is routed through its eight-speed TorqueFlite gearbox and sent solely to the rear wheels with the assistance of a 3.09 limited-slip differential.

In addition to improving performance, the SRT Power Chiller, SRT Competition Suspension, and personalized active exhaust are also available. The car is covered under Dodge’s dependable 5-year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty providing reassurance.

The company reports that the complete process requires over two grand of hours from inception to completion, and no two models will be exactly the same. Yet the greatest conundrum is the expenditure: with a lofty amount of $395K, it envelopes even the donor vehicle, however still being just a Hellcat Redeye beneath the skin, this might be too costly for many individuals.

Perhaps, we fail to visualize it, but if are about to expend near half a million dollars on an automobile, we anticipate more bang for our buck, especially considering the donor car is migrating out of production and will be certain to be desirable to collectors in years to come.

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