1969 Chevelle SS 427 Convertible: Ready for the Race!

Tuning Classic Car for Hemmings’ 1800-Mile Rally

This classic Chevrolet is still equipped with abundant sufficiency to make it go, set for a long trip in the blink of an eye. With a remarkable 1800-mile journey at your fingertips.

Hemmings on YouTube chronicles the process of bringing a classic muscle vehicle from slumber and what one should do in order to generally revitalize an automobile that isn’t performing optimally.

This next video shows snippets from The Great Race, including entertaining stories and helpful instruction on getting down and dirty with a classic car.

What did the crew come up with for this creatively-revamped classic V8? You might just find that out right here. The engineers have swapped out its own engine and replaced it with a powerfully-impressive (and no doubt loud) motor.

Fixing bad things done to a great car. Hemmings’ own 1969 SS 396 Chevelle.

The truth of the matter is that under the covers resides a hibernating ’69 Chevelle SS 427 convertible that has been re-equipped with a ZZ427 crate engine rather than the original 396-CI V8. This change culminates in 480 hp and 490 lb-ft – as compared to the base 396’s relatively meager 325 hp.

Hemmings’ own classic Chevy has a tale to tell; it underwent The Great Race, an endurance event from RI to ND in 2021. This year, the cross-country journey takes place from Saint Augustine, FL to Colorado Springs, CO. During the voyage, the car necessitated some roadside servicing, including installing an electric engine cooling fan, which the team ultimately determined was unnecessary.

It is said that the car runs quite cool; it performed perfectly all day in those stop-and-go conditions hitting 190 degrees Fahrenheit without any concern. Out with that part. Additionally, the power steering cooler under the front bumper was also removed. In order to bring it back to optimum performance, its hood should be reattached, and the air filter examined along with an assessment of the brakes and other aspects.

There is a vacuum snag with the car which is running too lean. Upon further investigation, it appears that the source of this difficulty is a valve positioned in the crankcase, known as the PCV valve, requiring either replacement or cleaning. Ultimately, for the Chevelle to end its rich engine running, it needs tuning, once all parts are working accurately.

Eventually, the automobile proved to be truly outstanding in performance and noise, exhibiting the hallmark bellow of a classic muscle car. Nowadays, in 2023, Classic.com estimates the Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 to be worth near $55,000 at an auction sale. Meanwhile, according to Hagerty, a ‘good’ specimen could attain a value of $58,000 – with the provision that it is a hardtop version.

The approximate expense of a 427-CI Chevrolet V8 engine similar to the one Hemmings has equipped in their car – the ZZ427 crate motor – is a further $14,000 exclusive of labor fees.

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