Discover 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6 Barn Find in Utah

LS6-Powered Survivor in Original Condition
Muscle Car Hoard Found In The Utah Desert Strikes Gold With Real 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6!!!

The iconic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 is revered as one of the greatest classic muscle cars ever produced. Its heart, the LS6 454cubic-inch V8, was an amazing engine, delivering matchless power with 450hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Unluckily, only 4,475 Chevelles were made that year with the LS6 engine, making them exceedingly scarce.

According to Patrick Glen Nichols on his YouTube channel, this Chevelle SS454 is situated “a couple of hundred miles south of Salt Lake City and a couple of two to three hundred miles east of Las Vegas,” which effectively restricts the area to around half of Utah. Being vague about the location is probably wise since the car is a bona fide LS6 Chevelle with plenty of features, painted white with black stripes and a black vinyl roof.

Presently, the Chevelle does not feature its original motor. Nevertheless, there are several critical signs which indicate the vehicle is an LS6 made at Chevrolet’s Van Nuys, CA facility. Those identifiers comprise of the radiator mounts, plastic inner fenders, and the hood with cowl-induction hood pins that was among the initial such hoods.

The figure is in excellent condition, given that it has been exposed to the elements for a considerable amount of time. The arid nature of Southern Utah undoubtedly aided in reducing any potential oxidation. Nonetheless, this same open dryness has not been gentle on vinyl surfaces. Both the black exterior top and interior have noticeably aged.

This automobile is garnering interest because of its combination of both original and replacement components. Contrary to being a 100 percent original, low mileage car with a championship restoration, this one has been thoroughly utilized. Certain parts that have worn out were given new life by way of a substitution. For example, the driver’s door was damaged in an accident and replaced with one from a Malibu. According to Hagerty’s Valuation Tool, a show-standard 1970 Chevelle SS454 will generally be valued at about $150,000, whilst those in fair condition showcasing visible defects, such as scratches or tears in upholstery and including non-original components, can still fetch up to $68,000.

Whilst the automobile is uncommon, it not being the first barn-found Chevelle SS454 LS6 to be observed. Patrick Glen Nichols revealed a black example on his YouTube channel a year ago. But these two Chevelle SS454s coming to visibility within such a brief time frames leads one to speculate how many more remain undiscovered.

Source: Patrick Glenn Nichols Musclecar Barn Finds via YouTube

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