1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat: The Ultimate Mopar Build

Mopar Transformation: From Decent to Mean.

Detroit Muscle unleashed its full potential on this Classic Dodge Charger, equipping it with a Hellcat V8 engine. The search for the ideal base car led Marc and Tommy to Alabama where they found a 1969 Dodge Charger in perfect shape, having only minimal rust and already featuring a few customizations.

Whereas the initial motorcar showcased a 383 motor with 2-barrel carburetor plus manual transmission, it had been supplied a four-speed slushbox just before it came into their hands. Moreover, the stock differential was supplanted by a sturdier 8¾ model. The Charger boasted a 440 cubic-inch V8 great block; yet, the squad desired something more cutting-edge. Despite the fact that Hellcat-substitutions on classic muscle autos have been conducted before, this venture takes it to an advanced level due to the exactitude of the team.

Building the Perfect Mopar. Full Build: ’69 Charger Hellcat

The group made the choice to take a restomod approach with a contemporary Hellcat engine. Comparable to a 1968 Charger outfitted with a Hellcat motor, the team decided on a subtler stock appearance as opposed to an over-the-top exterior.

Before the transition, the team had already conducted a significant amount of preparation, including fixing up and refurbishing the chassis of the Charger as well as making enhancements and repairs to its suspension. Additionally, they added an authentic vinyl roof and coated it with black paint to create an especially intimidating outlook.

The chassis went through some alterations so that it could take the Hellcat crate engine and its corresponding six-speed manual transmission. As such, they obtained a custom Riley Motorsports K-member devised for their engine replacement needs as well as all the necessary mounts. Nevertheless, the crew had to remove a segment of the transmission passage in order to facilitate the fresh gearbox. Furthermore, they added a special exhaust device to magnify the powerful noise made by the new engine.

To deal with the remarkable might of the vehicle, upgraded suspension pieces were added. Accordingly, the technicians installed custom coilovers at each corner. Furthermore, a substantial Wilwood brake kit was fitted in order to account for all the extra power.

Regarding the interior, Detroit Muscle revivified its dashboard and changed its hue from black to red in order to better corroborate the devilish aesthetic. Indeed, even the customary seats of the muscular car were rejuvenated and appointed with fresh red leather furnishing together with the rest of the Charger’s abode.

Finally, the Dodge Charger was brought back to its original excellence, while still retaining its factory-spec appeal externally. It wasn’t as flashy as the renovation done by the Ringbrothers, yet the final product turned out astonishingly well maintained. The outcome of the build was impressive enough that they chose to sell it at auction where it attained $200,000.


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