Dodge Unveils Production Charger Daytona, Debuting March 5

The New Charger Replacement: Up to 900HP in Electric Top Trim

According to reports, Dodge recently released “spy” images of the highly anticipated Charger Daytona on various social media platforms. This led us to believe that an official unveiling was imminent. And now, our suspicions have been confirmed as it has been announced that the official reveal will take place on March 5.

When contacted through email, a representative from Dodge confirmed the release date to Motor1. During the J.D. Power Auto Summit held in Las Vegas, Senior Vice President Matt McAlear disclosed further information about the upcoming vehicle. As reported by Automotive News, McAlear stated that the new EV will not be prioritizing mileage or low drag coefficients, but rather be known as “the next generation of muscle.”

There is much speculation surrounding the developments of the Charger Daytona concept since its initial announcement in 2022. The vehicle was first introduced as a near-finished concept, with many similarities to the production model teased by Dodge on social media. While some of the bold exterior features have been toned down, such as the flamboyant body lines and unconventional side mirrors, the distinct narrow headlights and open front clip with a spoiler remain. The bulky rear end also bears a striking resemblance to the original concept, and we have Dodge to thank for officially confirming that it will bear the iconic Daytona name.

Dodge unveiled potential electric options at the 2022 SEMA Show, providing a glimpse of what’s inside the Charger. The entry-level Daytona may offer approximately 455 horsepower, while the Banshee model with an 800-volt dual-motor could reach over 800 hp. Unverified claims suggest this number could even hit close to 900 hp, surpassing the highest-performing Hellcat-powered Charger from the previous model.

The question of whether the internal combustion engine will continue to be used to power the Charger remains a mystery. Dodge has not made any definitive statements on the matter, choosing to neither confirm nor deny the speculations. If these rumors are indeed true, it is speculated that the preferred engine for the Charger would be a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six, with those models simply being known as Chargers and not Charger Daytonas. In light of Ford’s decision to continue offering a V8 engine in the Mustang and the current low demand for electric vehicles, it would make sense to have both a combustion-powered Charger and an electric Daytona in the lineup.

It is probable that the majority of our inquiries and worries will be addressed by March 5. In the meantime, we will continue to provide updates on any relevant information, so make sure to stay tuned.

Source: Automotive News

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