1985 Datsun with 650-HP R35 GT-R

Datsun Pickup: Outwardly Standard, Inwardly Nissan-Powered

This 1985 Datsun pickup may appear mundane outwardly, but beneath the bonnet, it holds Nissan GT-R power. (The drag tires are quite a clue, though).

Frank, the owner of a pizza parlor from down under, had a fantastic concept in mind that incorporated both his loves: cars and racing. The dream originated with a timeless Datsun 1200 pickup truck, which was equipped at first with a rotary engine. Later on, the Wankel motor was replaced by a second-hand VR38 twin-turbocharged V6 engine from a Nissan GT-R the odometer on which read 36,000 miles.

A Nissan R32 Skyline modified with a diesel engine may be a wild experience, but this car is still up to the task for drag racing events. Capable of tackling whatever comes its way, its owner has no worries when taking it out on the course.

Previous builds making use of an R35 engine have already been attempted, yet the limited space available within a Datsun posed a test of ingenuity — as it had to accomplish inclusion inside the standard engine chamber without necessitating changes to the firewall. Moreover, fortification of the gearbox we mandated, and that required broadening of the transmission tunnel for holding the Turbo 400.

This 650HP GT-R Powered Datsun Ute Took GT-R Festival By Storm | Capturing Car Culture

Contrary to the front, the backside of the truck has been transformed to comfortably house a more considerable 9-inch differential coupled with 35-spline axles to be able to sustain its enhanced power. Notwithstanding these alterations, the frame rails of the Datsun have been left in their original state.

The initial twin-turbo system that had been included with the engine has been supplanted by a solitary turbo, situated at the back of the vehicle. Despite the fact that the engine’s innards are unaltered, it is now outfitted with a Haltech ECU, a specially crafted exhaust, and a E85 tuning.

The exhaust system has two outputs, with the initial one located to the side of the car when it is used for drag races. The second output directs the exhaust behind the automobile, where a catalytic converter and two silencers are installed to make it legitimate on Australian roads.

Maintaining an ideal temperature is achieved by combining a high performance PWR radiator along with an independent lubricant delivery system supported by a Turbworks pump. Moreover, a water container situated at the back is additionally used to cool the intercooler.

Concerning its fueling needs, it features two substantial fuel tanks that resemble NOS vessels. They are situated in the truck bed and can hold around 31.7 gallons.

Built to specifically compete, the Datsun has a 275/65 drag radial fitted to its back end and sporting a Micky Thompson front runner combined with Weld wheels at the fore. On an everyday basis though, it rolls about on a set of 17″ Simmons rims.

Given the truck’s hefty 650 horsepower configuration, the brakes were liable for an upgrade. Total halting force is provided by R34 calipers in front and Wilwood units on the rear end.

The inside of the Datsun has been completely customized with a motorsport 3D printed dash, racing bucket chairs, and a custom-built cage built into the bodywork.

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