Nissan Unveils 4 Bold Concepts: Evolution, Epicness, N7eness, and Era-spective.

Four New Nissans Coming Soon: Trademark Filings Reveal Upcoming Models

Nissan has recently submitted trademark applications for four exciting new concept cars that are anticipated to be revealed in the near future. These vehicles include the Nissan Evo Concept, Nissan Epic Concept, Nissan N7, and Nissan Era Concept. The renowned automaker has filed for these trademarks as it continues to innovate and introduce bold designs to its lineup. The Nissan Evo Concept, Nissan Epic Concept, Nissan N7, and Nissan Era Concept are expected to push the boundaries of automotive engineering and bring fresh perspectives to the market.With these trademarks, Nissan is demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and driving forward with cutting-edge technology and modern styling. The Nissan Evo Concept, Nissan Epic Concept, Nissan N7, and Nissan Era Concept are poised to make a significant impact on the automotive landscape.Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the official debut of these four intriguing concepts, which promise to deliver an extraordinary driving experience. Nissan’s dedication to enhancing the driving journey and crafting innovative vehicles is evident in these latest trademarks.Considering Nissan’s impressive track record of producing exceptional automobiles, the anticipation for these new concept models is building among car enthusiasts and consumers alike. Whether it be the Nissan Evo Concept, Nissan Epic Concept, Nissan N7, or Nissan Era Concept, there is no doubt

As reported by CarBuzz, four trademarks have been discovered to have been registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. However, these documents have since been made unavailable for public access.

The registered trademarks were classified under Nice Classification 12 for automotive products, and were all assigned the ‘Concept’ suffix except for one. These titles are not expected to be used on actual cars, as they are intended for conceptual purposes. They may range from slightly altered versions of the Nissan Ariya to completely brand-new sports vehicles.

In 2023, Nissan introduced multiple prototypes under the ‘Hyper’ label, such as the Hyper Force design – which gave a sneak peek into the upcoming GT-R model – and the futuristic minibus known as the Hyper Tourer. Additionally, they unveiled three more concepts: the Hyper Punk, the Hyper Urban, and the Hyper Adventure crossovers.

Nissan’s concept of naming their vehicles has raised some concerns as it fails to provide sufficient information about the cars themselves. The names Evo, Epic, and Era offer vague clues, leaving us guessing about their features and specifications.

The word ‘epic’ often evokes images of a thrilling expedition and therefore could be suitable for an off-road theme, whereas ‘Evo’ is commonly associated with the term ‘evolution,’ which has long been a favored name for high-performance vehicles inspired by competitive racing.

Last year, Nissan launched a promotional campaign for an R32 Skyline GT-R EV, possibly signaling its potential use by Evo.

The Nissan Era Concept may encompass a vast array of possibilities, and the mysterious Nissan N7 trademark only adds to its enigmatic nature. It is safe to assume that the “N” represents Nissan, but the significance of the number 7 remains a mystery. Could it potentially signify the inclusion of seven seats? Or could it hint at seven generations of a particular vehicle? The answer to this conundrum remains unknown.

Let’s be frank: we are perplexed about the potential origins of these names and have found no prior usage of them in Nissan’s past records. Any ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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