Explore Nissan’s History Through Their Car Collection

One of Each Gen Datsun/Prince Car Models

We have come across significant auto accumulations in the past, however, the Nissan Heritage Collection situated in Otsugi, Japan is really immense. It chronicles the enterprise’s development from pre-assimilation Datsun and Prince times to modern options. In essence, it practically serves as a Nissan-inspired time machine beneath a single roof and the most advantageous part is that every vehicle in this collection is in pristine condition.

The video beneath reveals the hidden treasures inside, showcasing the presenter working from first to the last example in the vintage car collection. The beginning segment displays a 1933 Datsun 12 Phaeton; this is one of the first cars ever developed and produced by the well-known Japanese auto manufacturer. Comparable to the Ford Model T, the Datsun is the contemporary equivalent to the early Fords. To complete the lineup of 1930s to 1940s classic cars, other models such as a Datsun 17 sedan, a Datsun 17 hatchback, and a Datsun Sports convertible also make an appearance.

Nissan's INSANE RARE Car Collection - One Of EVERYTHING!

This collection of timeless autos encompasses the Prince Skyline and BLRA-3 Skyline Sports Coupe. The latter is especially noteworthy due to its role in transforming the Skyline marque from a vehicle generally intended for regular transport to something sportier. Additionally, other versions of the Skyline are displayed here, representing the generations prior to the merger of Datsun and Prince. Last but not least is the C10 Skyline, which was created during this joining of two becoming one.

The original Fairlady, as well as its succeeding iterations, have garnered a lot of attention with unique vehicles such as the Fairlady Z PS30, the Cedric, Gloria, and the President included among these models. Moreover, the speaker also mentioned a particular Silvia model which is particularly scarce – the CSP311, having only manufactured 554 units from 1965 to 1968.

Jumping ahead of a host of Nissan Z-cars and Skylines, he beheld some extraordinary racing vehicles – the ultimate Nissan Skyline R34 that competed in the Super Grand Touring (GT500) category was particularly outstanding. Unusually, instead of an RB series engine, this car held a VQ30 engine. And beside it sat its replaceable counterpart – a Nissan Z33 for the GT500 class.

An extraordinary ride in the line-up is the MID4 Version 2 prototype. This machine served as the experiment for dual four-wheel-drive and rear-steering mechanisms which in the end made it onto the R-32 GT-R under the guise of ATTESA and HICAS, respectively.

Of course, a notable series of Nissan Group C and Le Mans prototypes was present. These were displayed in chronological order based on the year of production, firstly with R85 V – Nissan’s debut entry to the 1986 24 Hours of Le Mans competition. It reaches an end with R391 that participated in the 1999 Le Mans in the LMP category. After its completion of building the troubled GT-R LM Nismo, Nissan did not have an involvement in Le Mans yet again until now, but it unfortunately did not complete the entire duration of the race.

Despite the enormity, only a few vehicles can be talked about in an hour-long video. Nevertheless, the vast selection demonstrates Nissan’s prosperous past unmistakably. Thus, aficionados of the Nissan brand ought to view this place as more than just a point of pilgrimage.


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