1985 Toyota Corolla With Honda S2000 Engine

’80s Corolla Meets Honda Power: Unexpected Beauty

A remarkably unremarkable ’80s Toyota Corolla has been picked up on Bring a Trailer for an astonishing price of over twenty-thousand dollars. You might ponder the justification for such a luxurious sum for a relic such as this. The resolution can be found within the outrageous modernization made to this vintage Corolla.

Veritably, the prime attraction of this 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe was not simply its age.

What may be considered an affront to traditionalists by some, is seen as a creative example of automotive craftsmanship by others. This SR5 coupé can be acquired for $21,750, a price tag that comes with it a 2.2-liter F22C inline-four engine contained within the motor block, taken directly from a Honda S2000. Yes indeed, you read that right – a Toyota fitted with the soul of the prestigious Honda. Not just any Honda however, but the rare and costly S2K would like nothing more than to power through the roads.

This Corolla is configured with a six-gear transmission (derived from the S2000’s), an individually tailored driveshaft, a GM rear axle, and an Eaton Truetrac limited-slip differential.

But that’s just the start of its numerous features. Showing off a pristine white hue, this vehicle has had many improvements including 16-inch XXR rims, four-wheel vented disc brakes, Tein front coilovers, and KYB rears shocks.

The exterior of this car is certainly something to behold, with its popping headlights, mirrors covered in a carbon-like look and an array of smoky lens. Though the left-front fender could use a fresh coat of paint, it has a charming atmosphere, reminiscent of Mount Akina and Takumi Fujiwara.

The interior offers relatively simple black cloth upholstery, NRG Innovations buckets seats and faux-carbon finish. To minimize its total curb weight, the rear seat, heater, and air conditioning unit have been removed. Additionally, an S2000 digital instrument cluster is affixed to the dashboard and is accentuated with a Momo steering wheel.

For many, this automotive experiment could be seen as a mixture of unappealing ingredients, such as granules and axle butter. Conversely, others might view it as the ideal combination of the finest features that numerous automobile companies have to offer, leading to a highly enjoyable ride in the newly created car.

The artistry and resourcefulness demonstrated in the realm of vehicle modification are, indeed, limitless; only confined by one’s creative construal of ideas.

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