Reliable Daily Driver: Honda S2000 Hardtop.

Mugen & Spoon: The Versatile S2000 Build

This Honda S2000 bears resemblance to a spoon and Mugen catalogue set-up; it has been fashioned to suit the roads and circuits alike, inspired by the unconventional parts found on Hot Import Nights and of course, the Fast and Furious juggernaut franchise.

The proprietor purchased the vehicle back in 2013 from a Honda seller at an approximated price of $21,500 and with 38,000 miles on its odometer. Though he used to utilize it frequently, his S2000 has now accumulated an additional 65,000 miles and serves as a collector’s item as well as a track car.

One of the early modifications made to his S2000 was an aftermarket Mugen hardtop. This was combined with an AP2 lip onto the original bumper, which was later replaced with a Charge Speed version.

How to Build the ideal S2000: Built for the Track and Street!!

This substitution was later made for a Spoon Aero bumper. Following that, the array of Spoon and Mugen components includes Spoon aerodynamic mirrors and a CR trunk. Moreover, the S2000 maintains a Voltex Type 12 wing, providing superior performance on the track whilst ensuring an eye-catching look for the vehicle itself.

The SW 388 Spoon rims clock in at 17 inches and they include Rays lug nuts, while Endless 6-pot mini with its 330 mm rotor and street pads will be for the brakes. A set of Pro Drive GC5 NS wheels is soon to be added to his automobile.

Within, the S2000 houses Bride Zetta 2s — which had originally been purchased to suit his Civic Hatchback perfectly — perfectly matching the red and black aesthetics of the Japanese speedy motorcar. Other internal customize jobs include a Narita dogfight tiller, NSX horn button, Science of Speed NSX R replica shift knob and a JPM coachwork shifter boot with 20th-anniversary Black Radio ASM hub for added flashiness.

Steering clear of controversial motor transplants, the S2000 maintains its original F20 block but with numerous transformations. Crucially, the motor has remained self-aspirated, so it can still deliver its high-pitched operatic performance, unaided by any turbocharging power boost.

An array of modifications have been made to the car, including a Battlecraft singletrack driver cap, FS radiator cover, Mugen air intake with thermal insulation, Origin Fab inlet collator, and Wiggins Hydroliner ferrules. To enhance engine performance, the entry shaft has had its diameter grown to 70mm. This allows for increased respiring capability.

This setup boasts a Supertech valve train, Feel’s Honda dual cam header, and an advanced high-flow catalytic converter. The last manifestation of the ride churned out 231 horsepower, but surely its modern representation has eclipsed that figure.

Stell’s construct is not as radical as other Honda S2000s intended for the track, but the installation of JRZ RS Pro coilovers makes it a fine blend between performing on the course and streets. Furthermore, this car is equipped with an HKS Super Sound Master exhaust system.

Rumors abounded that there will be extra mods in the future, yet what we can conditionally declare is that this is one of the most immaculate Honda S2000 constructions we have experienced.

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