1991 Honda Beat: Cheapest RWD Japanese Roadster?

Own an 8,100 rpm Revving Japanese Roadster!

Though renowned for its assortment of speedy rides such as the Honda Civic Type R, Japan’s Honda Corporation also produces trifling yet punchy automobiles intended for the domestic community. This specific 1991 Honda Beat came to the America recently in 2021 and is available to bid on via Cars & Bids.

The Honda Beat is a two-seater, mid-engined and rear-wheel-drive convertible produced in the early 1990s, commonly deemed the Baby S2000. Furthermore, it was the final automobile approved by Soichiro Honda before he passed away in 1991.

Although not a supercar with bursting amounts of power, this automobile is extremely light. Furthermore, modifications made by the prior owner should promise a pleasurable experience owning and driving it.

Aftermarket alterations to the Beat feature a more intense front bumper, back spoiler, and roll bar. Moreover, the Beat is also fitted with 14-inch Enkei RC-T wheels in the front and 14-inch Rays Volk Racing TE37s at the back.

The inside of the vehicle has been given aftermarket improvements, for example installing a bucket seat for the person driving, a flat-bottom steering wheel, a shift lever, and an AVX-200EX Pioneer stereo system. The front passenger chair also remains with its standout zebra striped fabric.

In terms of handling and performance upgrades, the compact roadster is given a Beat Garage Sports ROM ECU that can be toggled between its factory maps and settings. Reports suggest that this vehicle yields approximately 63 horsepower and 44 lb-ft torque from its 656cc inline-three engine, and transmits that power to the rear tires using a five-speed manual shift.

Besides this, the tiny sports car has been fitted with an HKS fan controller, Blitz ZZ-R coil overs, a front strut tower bar and a custom-made stainless steel cat back exhaust setup. As far as mileage is concerned, it presently has 98,100 miles on its odometer.

This Honda Beat is certainly not perfect. There exists a lengthy quantity of minor concerns, which include harm to its front bumper, oxidation on some elements of the paint, exterior trim that has been weatherworn, plus creases on the convertible top.

Discussing the convertible, it was remedied with silicone at a few places as a provisional fix. Furthermore, its AC and odometer are not operational; plus, there is a leak in the exhaust from the cat to the muffler joint.

It appears that the Honda Beat being auctioned online is not likely to sell for a huge sum. The present offer sitting at $2,400 and limited time remaining, may make it the most economical way of owning a Japanese sports car now.

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