2009 Ford Focus RS: I5-Engine Autobahn Glory

Mighty 2.5L: 370HP Powerhouse

When the Ford Focus RS roared into the hot hatch market in 2009, it created quite a buzz. Its widened wheel arches, adjusted suspension and forceful air vent grille were unmissable. But it was the power of its 300 horsepower 2.5 Liter inline-five-cylinder engine and the remarkable ability of its frame to make those horses move that made it truly spectacular.

Volvo’s legendary 2.5-liter motor was born while the Swedish vehicle maker belonged to Ford Motor Company, not Geely. This engine is made of an aluminum crankcase housing with sprayed cylindrical walls as compared to molded-in sleeves and reinforced pistons, connecting rods and camshafts. All vital components to ensure the efficiency of the BorgWarner K16 turbocharger delivering a maximum 20 psi force.

When initial, the Ford Focus RS could accelerate to 60 mph within six seconds and reach a peak speed of 163 mph. After over a decade since its debut, this Focus still allegedly puts out 370 hp. This raises the query, could it possibly hit the same maximum velocity?

The driver spends no time dallying in the video, accelerating with haste. The five-cylinder is purring like a kitten as he shifts through the gears. In no time at all, the Focus RS has reached 124 miles per hour and is up there cruising in the left lane. To hit speeds of 163 mph, it would have to exceed 263 km/h. In the initial attempt, the speed attained was only 240 km/h, short of the intended cap by 14 mph.

The Focus RS makes multiple attempts at its highest possible velocity, hindered every time by oncoming traffic. Despite this, each effort is not wasted as we are allowed to enjoy the magnificent noise of the engine as it easily overtakes slower automobiles and shoots towards the peak of the speed gauge.

Eventually, congestion dissipates and a full-speed run is possible. After propelling the vehicle forward with remarkable velocity, the speedometer shows a rate of approximately 270 kph (168 mph). Although the estimations are not definite due to the fixed 20-point gradations, the needle on the speedometer surpasses 260 kph and ticks to just past the halfway point between 260 and 280.

Without question, its top velocity is awe-inspiring, but the way that this Focus RS meanders smoothly past slower cars along the autobahn is even more fascinating. It almost appears relaxed, as if it were a considerable vehicle such as a BMW 760Li. Still, those stately Bimmers cannot match the unmistakable rumble of its magnificent inline-five sound.

Source: AutoTopNL via Motorsport TV

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