2019 Porsche 935 with 600 Miles, Carbon Fiber

Lucky #13 Porsche 935 Limited Edition for Sale

Motivated by the offering of the 49th portrayal of the Porsche 935 which brought more than $1.6 million some time ago, we just located another for bargain on Bring A Trailer, with its closeout planned to stop on January 4th 2024.

This impressive 2019 Porsche 935, the thirteenth to be manufactured, was directed and owned by mainstream back-to-back IMSA champs, Pfaff Motorsport. It features visible carbon fiber panelling, distinctive Agate Gray roofing pillars complemented by a trademark plaid wrap that is found on the adjustable rear wing of the vehicle

To commemorate their 70th anniversary, Porsche built an exclusive 77-strong fleet of 991-based 935 vehicles. Under these cars’ bodies are components derived from the 911 GT2 RS, including a 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that produces immense power – a remarkable 700 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. Transmitted to the rear wheels via a 7-speed PDK dual-clutch unit and an electronically adjustable, race-inspired limited-slip differential, the 935 is designed to thrill.

The one-of-a-kind exterior and unmistakable elongated rear end draws inspiration from the Le Mans-winning “Moby Dick” 935/78 race car. Its side mirrors are similar to those found on the 911 RSR, while the exhaust outlets resemble those of the 908.

The 935 flaunts 18-inch glossy BBS wheels that come with Michelin Pilot Sport GT tyres plus top of the range Brembo brakes (6-piston fronts and 4-piston rears). Furthermore, it is furnished with carbon fiber aerodiscs.

The bare-bones cabin showcases carbon-fiber Recaro racing chairs with 6-point secureness, a roll bar, ebony Alcantara accents, crimson door handles, a side webbing with press-button discharge, and titanium mechanism shifter with a wooden knob as a tribute to the notorious Porsche 917.

A speedy-release, control wheel is equipped with of paddle shifters and regulates of the Cosworth digital dash, found beside an increase gauge and Sport Chrono clock. A sticker to the right of the dashboard categorizes the vehicle as #13 out of 77.

The automobile sits in Ontario, Canada, accompanied by a factory replacement parts package that was offered for an extra $44,000 when the vehicle was first purchased. At the present time, the highest bid comes to $1.6 million (according to the most updated data), which is close to what it might cost when the auction concludes, judging by the last sale.

Verify in ten days to witness the results.

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