2023 F1 Season: Final Standings

The Final Standings: Who Came First and Who Followed?

This past weekend witnessed the concluding occasion of the 2023 Formula One Championship take place in Abu Dhabi. Although the competition boasted some dynamic events, overall it was quite lacklustre (compared to the declaration of the 2021 year’s final race), with Verstappen managing to victoriously secure yet another title, Leclerc solely behind him, and George Russell ensuing in 3rd after Perez was imposed a five-second penalty for aggressively pilfering a Ford Mustang at Cars & Coffee, crashing into Lando Norris, who took 5th.

The last of the top 10 were completed by Oscar Piastri in sixth place, followed by two-time world champion Fernando Alonso in seventh, Yuki Tsunoda in eighth, Lewis Hamilton taking ninth and ending with tenth spot for Lance Stroll.

Numerous places in the overall standings were highly critical. With Red Bull having secured the Constructors’ grand title at the Suzuka section of the campaign in Japan and both its racers taking control of the two highest spots in the Drivers’ Championship, teams were fighting for the culminating Constructors’ standing as well as the profitable award money associated with it. Here’s how they all wrapped up.

Following Nyck De Vries’ unsatisfactory early-season results, AlphaTauri dismissed the Dutchman and appointed Daniel Ricciardo in his stead. Unfortunately, Ricciardo incurred an injury to his hand during the Dutch Grand Prix, prompting Red Bull protégé Liam Lawson to take over and procure some valuable points. None of them completed a full campaign.

Red Bull bolted to the title, but Aston Martin will be disheartened at their fifth placing after anchoring themselves firmly in the uppermost tier initially. McLaren had a fervent conclusion during this championship season that shouldn’t just be forgotten over the course of 2024. Williams experienced the most notable benefit, soaring three places up in the general rankings compared to last year. Alfa Romeo, with this end of their Formula 1 venture, saw the biggest fall off by descending three spots.

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