Ricciardo Races Red Bull in Outback

Daniel’s Aussie Trek: Outback Offroading to Mount Panorama
Taking an F1 Car into the Australian Outback with Daniel Ricciardo 🇦🇺🦘

If Daniel Ricciardo never again races an F1 car, he has a future doing Gymkhana-style videos. That is evident in the latest Oracle Red Bull Racing video entitled “F1 Car vs. Outback | Daniel Ricciardo’s Great Aussie Road Trip”, which showcases his talent, humor, and personality. It’s clear that even if Ricciardo were to leave the world of F1, he could still entertain us with his skills behind the wheel.

The clip may not include the remarkable scenes of Ken Block careening through Las Vegas, or Travis Pastrana breezing over the Family Huckster. Yet, Ricciardo is evidently in his prime, taking on unpaved roads in his Red Bull RB7 F1 car, and conquering other unique difficulties exclusive to Australia.

On his journey, Daniel Sanders, an off-road racer, and Matt Hall, an aerobatic pilot, have joined Ricciardo. As he races through various parts of Australia, he narrowly escapes being herded with the cattle by a rancher in a helicopter. After a brief pit stop at the Silverton Hotel in the Outback, Ricciardo changes his “off-road” tires for racing slicks before heading to the Sea Cliff Bridge.

Riccardo has the chance to take a diversion to Sydney and make the most of his time frolicking on the beach and picking up shopping before setting off once more to traverse dusty roads. This moment, he needs to dodge Toby Price in his desert-racing Red Bull Mitsubishi Triton Trophy Truck and evade some of Australia’s unparalleled natives – koala bears, kangaroos and emus to name but a few!

Fuelling up at the 7-Eleven, Riccardo’s pit team once again eager to exchange tires while he quickly grabs something to sip. Next stop is Mount Panorama, most notably known as the Bathurst endurance race course, for a full circle in Shane Van Gisbergen’s Red Bull Camaro.

The Red Bull RB7 feels right at home in the circuit of Bathurst. It is easy to imagine how a Formula One competition would look in the same area. This specific track includes numerous extended straights as well as 571 feet difference in elevation. The most intimidating part might be considered the Esses and Dipper, which are long sections with curves reminiscent of, for instance, the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.

“Daniel Ricciardo’s Amazing Australian Adventure” was filmed to promote Red Bull’s racing program prior to the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, April 2, at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. It follows in the footsteps of other videos Red Bull has done, such as the one with Sergio Perez taking his F1 vehicle from New York to Miami.

Source: Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube

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