Max Verstappen Sets 71-Year Record in Brazil

Fernando Alonso: More than Car Power

A novel fad is manifesting within Formula 1 and it is a positive development. Verstappen executed his typical rapid Dutchman manoeuvre, leaving Norris eight seconds down in second position – while usually Max would garner a 20-30 second advantage that crews scarcely come close to. Although McLaren has not yet acquired the requisite instrument on their side to sufficiently challenge Red Bull, it has still become crystal clear that their Papaya car shapes up as the second most capable automobile on the starting grid with what was displayed by the margin between second and third.

Though it was a close fight, with the initial spots already decided, the struggle for third place was truly remarkable. Max Verstappen even confessed that he had almost gone off the track while viewing Perez and Alonso dueling for the last podium berth. In the end, it ended up being beneficial to Aston Martin as Alonso came to the end just 0.053 seconds prior to Perez after driving in an intense competition up to the closing line.

Despite coming in fourth, Perez was still cheerful about the end result. This keeps him as runner-up of the grand championship with a distance of 32 points from the leader, Lewis Hamilton, going into the subsequent race. Mathematically, Hamilton is the only driver who could contest for second place.

Thanks to his victory, Verstappen has shattered his own record for the highest number of races won in a season, now totaling 17 and rising. Yet, that is barely the most impressive milestone he has achieved this year. As of right now, he has broken a standing record of 71 years – and the season is not over yet!

In 1952, Alberto Ascari accomplished a feat by collecting six out of the eight titles in the Formula One Championship, equalling to an impressive 75% success rate. Now, Max Verstappen is inching even closer to setting the record as he has won 17 out of 20 races, leading him to an astounding 85%. Even if he fails to garner further victories in the last two races, his win percentage still amounts to 77.27%, which would be the greatest feat ever achieved.

That amazing feat highlights Verstappen’s superiority this season, yet he is still trailing Hamilton over his whole career. The Dutchman’s triumph rate stands at 28.42%, while Hamilton has a 31.21% success rate, despite not tasting victory in a Grand Prix for almost two years.

on Dec 14, 2020Lando Norris recently posted a photo on his Instagram account, showing off his holiday spirit. In the photo, the Formula One driver is wearing a festive red and white Christmas hat. The accompanying caption reads “Getting into the Christmassy spirit ☃️”. Norris’ fans are loving the festive posting; it’s capturing the joy of the holidays that many people are feeling right now.Lando Norris took to his Instagram account to exhibit his yuletide cheer by sharing a snapshot which featured him outfitted in a charming red and white Santa cap. The message accompanying the post read: “Getting into the festive mood ☃️” His followers responded warmly to the exciting picture, thrilled to see the esteemed Formula One racer so full of joy for the holidays.

The intent of Ferrari did not go to plan straight away. On the formation lap, Charles Leclerc’s auto experienced a hydraulic issue, though it was quickly sorted out so the race could proceed without much of a pause. Yet soon after, there was an altercation between Alex Albon (Williams) and both of the Haas cars, ending in disaster for Piastri and Ricciardo, taking themselves, Magnussen, and Daniel Ricciardo out of the race. Luck was on their side, however, and they ended up being able to have their cars repaired during the red-flag period – albeit one lap behind all the other competitors.

As the race got underway, it was evident Verstappen had it in the bag, with Norris close behind him. Hamilton appeared to be performing well, however the Mercedes cars seemed to have lost their spark. George Russell ended up pulling out, with Hamilton eventually finishing up in ninth. Had Ricciardo and Piastri not been affected on lap one, the likelihood of Mercedes completing the top ten would have been exceedingly slim.

It was cringeworthy to witness, and Toto Wolff confessed as much after the competition. It’s plain to perceive something had been severely inaccurate when the only Mercedes-AMG GT safety motorcar bringing up the rear the race was the Mercedes.

In the middle of the competition, things were fairly dull; however, nearing the end, it was a real spectacle. Perez ploughed through the throng and eventually came up just behind Alonso for the concluding laps. He searched for an opening for a good few laps but was unable to overcome Alonso’s impressive selection of racing lines at crucial bends.

Perez eventually identified a method that enabled him to conquer DRS during the penultimate lap; however, on his run into Turn 1 of the ultimate lap, he made a small blunder, and Alonso was prompt to take retribution on the successive straight, undeniable the lead. With DRS available on the final stretch, Perez nearly overtook Alonso, finishing with merely a 0.053 second difference.

It’s great to witness the return of good form of Perez and Aston Martin’s strong bid for a spot on the podium. Above all, Alonso and Perez demonstrated that driving talent really does play a substantial role. When a Formula 1 Legend is placed at the wheel of a quality car (Alonso x Aston Martin), they can defeat an accomplished driver in a genuinely elite vehicle (Perez x Red Bull). And when you bring together a grand automobile and an impressive driver, the result is akin to what Max Verstappen and Red Bull attained this season.

Heading to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, we anticipate quite a spectacle. This could possibly be more about putting on an exhibition than actually competing for the race, though the drivers and racers will give it their best effort. Hamilton is in a great spot to conclude this season at rank 3, while Fernando Alonso, Lando Norris, and Carlos Sainz are all in the 190s primed to capture fourth.

McLaren must be on guard now that Aston Martin has returned in a big way to the picture. The Constructors’ Championship ladder finds McLaren in fourth position with 282 points, leaving Aston Martin trailing close behind in fifth spot with 261. McLaren’s duo are more reliable; however, Aston Martin has the SigmaLonso in their camp.

Mercedes is tenaciously situated in second place with 382 points, yet Ferrari is near at hand on only 20 points less. Unless Mercedes can ascertain the basis of its predicaments and if Ferrari is capable of terminating its eccentric behavior, this clash for runner-up might be awe-inspiring.

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