2023’s Amazing Stealth Campers, Overlanders & Motorhomes

Vanlife Vans: A Big Year in 2020

Over the course of the past year, we have been astounded by all the wonderful creativity displayed in the vanlife community. Although many of the vehicles on the outside may appear similar, the inside has been transformed into something truly personal with a distinct character.

We’re astounded by the recent surge of popularity for stealth campers. There is certainly something compelling about the concept of being unnoticeable and secretive, analogous to the same allure that a low profile supercar with superior performance can possess. As far as camping goes, ‘sleeper’ takes on a more literal definition, and we are absolutely delighted to see such marvellous projects brought to fruition.

Also on our roster for 2023 are pick-up truck caps, a pop-top electric vehicle, and the grandest do-it-yourself recreational vehicle alteration we’ve seen so far. Let’s swiftly take another peek at several of the stunning campers revealed this year.

In August, we stumbled upon a clandestine Isuzu box van on YouTube. Despite being created four years earlier, it still exuded stealth, up to the large scratches on the outside. On entering the interior one is struck by the mixture of practicality and luxury, including one of the most well-equipped camper bathrooms ever seen. The truck boasts a pair of bunk beds, a spacious kitchen and rear loading ramp with expansive double-paned windows. Mechanically it’s four-wheel drive, whilst a sloping cab facilitates access to the GM engine which ensures upkeep is straightforward.

This Mercedes may not be the prettiest ride on the block but it certainly makes up for its lack in style with affordability. Inside, it is quite straightforward with ample storage and counter space; there’s even a tiny restroom tucked away between the kitchen and back work area. Furthermore, it offers an array of tech features, like a sizable TV and a safety system that links to various cameras. It’s all available at a price tag of less than $10,000.

There is certainly not anything discreet about this huge motorhome based on a Volvo. From its RV-style lines to the slightly preposterous 378-inch wheelbase, this is obviously a house on wheels that just so happens to have a hitch for linking a trailer on the back. Inside indulgence abounds with smart cupboards, a kitchen with full-size accessories, and a wet restroom. It is created by ARI Legacy Sleepers, and it’s safe to assume it cost more than $10,000.

Space is continually an issue with truck-mounted camper shells, yet ioCamper propelled a creative response earlier this year. Rather than a slide-out to give somewhat more space, the rear divider of this camper collapses to expose fold-up walls. The external piece of the wall opens upwards to frame a rooftop, effectively multiplying the inside space. The end product then, is something pickup-sized when going from A to B, yet RV-sized when you finally make it to your camping spot.

Not long after we happened upon the Isuzu camper, there was yet another all-terrain box truck containing a mini abode. The Fuso is smaller and its exterior windows take down some of its stealthiness. In spite of that, the inside is remarkable with a huge cooking range and an aesthetically pleasing wooden countertop. Plus, the rear gately folds out to become a veranda and the proprietor has expended up to $37,000 on this project, inclusive of the expenditure made on buying the Mitsu.

One does not simply pull up to the community recreational vehicle dealer for the purchase of a slide-in camper lid for their GMC Hummer EV. EarthCruiser swooped in with an answer, and quite a creative one at that. With limited spacing available within the Hummer’s cargo-bed, the inventively coined GMC Hummer EarthCruiser inaugurates a sleeker carbon fiber bed casing partnered with a flip-top lid that presents 80 inches of headroom. Inside, charges a 605-watt on-board electromagnetic energy-production operation, along side showers and toilets.

No conventional truck-mounted camper, the Denali 3S from Rugged Mountain Custom RV is actually the truck bed itself–with three slide-outs providing extra room on its sides and at the back. Within, you’ll encounter a deluxe interior with a miniature gas fireplace in the kitchen. Yet be warned: this luxury does come at a cost–starting at $74,900, not counting the necessary medium-duty vehicle for towing it.

Undeniably, the Sprinter has become an exceptionally sought-after van for camper conversions. Though, it’s not everyday that you come across plans for bunk beds in the small-format 144-inch wheelbase version. Advanced RV assembled this one following instructions from an architect; remarkably, the building of the bunk beds left a sufficient amount of room for both a spacious kitchen and comprehensive bathroom. Such an amalgamation is typically hard to be implemented inside a longer model of the Sprinter, let alone its concise wheelbase alternative.

People could argue that a stealth camper needs to be white, yet this ProMaster without windows is quite inconspicuous. It offers all the essential facilities, such as an outstanding pop-up shower, bathroom, and a minimal cooking area, complemented with an exquisite combination of white and warm wood shades.

Do not be fooled by its size; this converted large truck trailer boasts many luxurious features. Highlighting the upper floor is a spiral staircase that leads to a full-sized washer and dryer. Unlike other recreational vehicles, the lavatory accommodations are separate from the shower room. Also included in this abode is an impressive theatre area with a huge 75-inch television and enough storage capacity at the back for parking a bike, together with a jet ski.


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