Compact Pickup Camper: A Convincing RV Facade

Mount ioCamper Truck to Pick-Up in 15 Minutes.

Truck campers are an advantageous answer for those who want to explore anywhere without having to trail a second automobile. Perfectly adapted for off-road travelling, distressing them is their only conundrum: room. Thankfully, ioCamper furnishes a solution with a truck camper that releases up, offering the capacity of a recreational vehicle.

The ioCamper Truck offers a unique extendable body that can be mounted on to a two-door van like a Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger in only quarter of an hour. It is developed with fiberglass-strengthened polyethylene substance boasting sturdy insulation and complete protection from water and wind. Initiating as small as a typical truck camper, the structure slides open, granting space for up to five people.

Inside, the ioCamper grants an understanding of a travel trailer with an impressive slideout area. Shut, it gauges around 14 feet extended from front overhang to the posterior wall and has a width of 7 feet. Once completely extended, the living area blooms to a length of more than 19 feet, intensifying the free space by nearly 30 percent. Consumers can take advantage of between a shell rendition of the camper or an entire model that is already furnished.

The entire campervan is magnificently equipped, featuring a double bed at the front and two couches in the rear that can transform into single beds. Furnishings also include a dining table, kitchen with stovetop, drain, and a tiny fridge/freezer. Adjoining the kitchen area is a small washroom fitted with a sink, shower, and lavatory. Moreover, the van has a locking entrance, four windows with nets plus blackout curtains, and a rooftop air vent. Power is supplied through the 12-volt battery, which includes outlets, USB ports, and LED lamps.

The ioCamper design in its shell form is essentially the framework of four walls that a person can tailor to their individual needs. Not unlike its full version, it offers a double bed, secure access, roof-top ventilation, along with windows.

Based in Europe, ioCamper is a small company whose products are distributed by Richter-Manufactur of Germany. The website for the company advertises “worldwide distribution” but does not have a delivery network in the US. This could be an opportunity for them to expand their reach and capitalize on the popularity of pickup trucks in America. It could also inspire a domestic company to start offering a similar product.

Source: Truck Camper Magazine

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