2024 Audi A5 Sportback Spotted

Final Lights on Completely Produced Body

It has been months since our tipsters were able to lay their eyes upon the new Audi A4 Avant; now, however, they’ve finally clocked its sleeker sister. Instead of the predictable saloon, they only managed to capture the A5 Sportback. This has led some to speculate that Audi may forego the conventional body type and keep just the liftback for its next release. All these conjectures will be put to the acid test in due time – but for now, let’s all marvel at thie designer work of art, the A5!

As anticipated, a large portion of the vehicle’s front will be similar to the A4 Avant, which has been verified to switch over to being known as the A5. The gradual incline of the back-end column and tailgate verify that it is the A5 Sportback precisely, and not just an A5 Sedan. Not only does it have all the finished body pieces in place, but also the eventual headlights and taillights. It remains clouded whether or not Audi will introduce the Sportback beforehand or not; however, reason tells us the more utilitarian Avant will be made accessible slightly after this car.

Our espionage operatives captured an image of the prototype from a distance and were consequently unable to peek inside. However, only a few months ago an A5 Avant was glimpsed from within – which seems unusual, wouldn’t you say? This model featured an even greater tablet-like infotainment system in comparison to its previously existing edition, with the fully digital instrument cluster no longer incorporated into the dashboard. Anticipate considerably fewer physical controls on the streamlined dash similarly to the numerous newer products from Volkswagen Group.

Witnessing the evolution of the MLB platform, this will be the last edition of the A5 Sportback that utilizes combustion engines. By 2025 Audi plans to introduce its final cars equipped with internal combustion engines, and from 2026 onwards only all-electric models will be available for purchase. Over the course of the following two years, the Four Rings anticipate phasing out all ICE-powered models across the globe except in China where their production could continue depending on local demand.

The A5 Avant and A5 Sportback will be accessible with a selection of mild-hybrid fuel and diesel motors engineered to comply with impending Euro 7 emissions guidelines. It appears as though a plug-in hybrid version is in the pipelines; however, electrified alternatives are not being considered. Alternatively, Audi is devising an A4-labelled E-Tron model on a specific electric car foundation.

A similar approach will be taken with the combustion-powered A6s as they will ultimately receive the A7 designation, freeing up space in the lineup for an environmentally friendly A6. Just before completely converting to Electric Vehicles Audi has affirmed that one more range of S and RS models will be released, thus there will be performance derivatives for the A5 series.

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