2024 Ford Mustangs Face Steep Price Rises: The Latest Blow for the Powerful Lineup

2024 Ford Mustang V8 Models and Options See Price Hike

Investing in a fresh 2024 edition of the Ford Mustang GT or Dark Horse Premium will now require a bit more money. As outlined in a communication sent to dealers by the Ford Motor Company, the majority of V8-equipped versions of the iconic muscle car will see a slight increase in their price tags, while the prices for Ecoboost models will remain unchanged. These updated figures can also be found on Ford’s official website at present. Interestingly, this price hike comes just two months after an earlier $215 boost in the MSRP for both the GT and Dark Horse trims in January.

In this article, we will examine the costs of each trim level and the current price adjustments for the month of February. Surprisingly, the base model of the Dark Horse retains its original price, however, there have been some increases in the cost of optional equipment for the Dark Horse.

If a customer chooses to purchase the Dark Horse Premium along with the Dark Horse Appearance Package and the Dark Horse Handling Package, as well as RECARO sports seats, the total cost would rise by $1,840.

Taking a closer look, we can examine the surge in prices in percentage terms. When it comes to the Mustang GT Fastback, we see a modest uptick of approximately 0.6%. Similarly, the Dark Horse Premium model equipped with the Dark Horse Appearance Package is experiencing a hike of approximately 1.56%.

When it comes to buying a V8 Mustang, the recent increase in prices may not discourage buyers, especially if they are already willing to invest in expensive features like the 2024 Ford Mustang’s factory-installed matte finish, which provides both enhanced protection and a stylish look. In contrast, other competitors of the Mustang come with varying price tags.

These different automobiles offer comparable performance at a comparable cost. When a purchaser decides on the Mustang as their desired means of transportation, there are probably numerous reasons influencing this choice. Their examination included comparing the 2024 Ford Mustang and the 2024 Nissan Z, carefully evaluating the distinctions between these models. An increase in price by approximately 1% on average will not make the Mustang unattainable for those seeking to purchase a high-performance vehicle within the $45,000-$65,000 range.

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