2024 Honda Civic Type R: Unjustified $1,900 Increase

Suggested Price with Destination: $45,890

Prices have been released for the 2024 Honda Civic Type R, and if you were intending to get it this year, we’ve got some unfortunate updates. You’ll need to hand over $1,900 more for the privilege of owning Honda’s sizzling hatchback, with no added rewards for your disbursement.

It’s not unusual for new car prices to go up from year to year, usually accompanied by updates like more features or standard equipment. In the case of the Honda Civic Type R, however, there’s no such changes – the increase is simply due to “higher costs associated with production and logistics,” according to a Honda spokesperson who spoke to Motor1. This price hike will take effect with the 2024 model year.

Access Honda’s webpage and you will see that the introductory price is currently $44,795 excluding delivery. Last year, the Type R was priced starting at $42,895 and the unavoidable destination cost is still at $1,095. This results in a total of $45,890 for the 2024 edition. You get a robust Civic producing 315 horsepower obtainable in Rallye Red or Crystal Black Pearl.

The common asking price incorporates 19-inch Matte Black wheels, a dual tone red/black interior, the full Honda Perception bundle of driver aids, and a Bose sound system, to name just a few options. In comparison to other models, the basic Civic Type R does not leave out any features. Despite that, it might be difficult for some customers to accept such a steep charge of $1,900 with nothing extra to show for it.

It is interesting that the 2024 Honda Civic SI has not risen in a similar fashion; it costs an additional $300, bringing the total to a beginning price of $30,195 with destination fees. When the Type R was released in 2022, dealer markups across the board were seemingly prevalent.

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