Preview: Unattainable In The US: Honda Civic Si Hatchback Introduces Prototype RS Model

Japan Welcomes New Civic Type R Model for Upcoming Release

The highly anticipated 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is known for showcasing heavily modified cars, but Honda has taken a different approach by offering a sneak peek at a completely stock production model, the Civic RS. Despite not having any modifications, the prototype of the new Honda Civic Hatchback still manages to impress with its plethora of exciting features, promising “enhanced driving pleasure” for its future owners.

Honda has a history of using the RS emblem on their Civic models. The RS badge represents the most advanced version of the Civic, second only to the Civic Type R. Currently, this model is available in certain countries such as Asia and South Africa. While the US offers the Civic Si, other international markets offer the RS edition instead.

There is limited information available about the latest Civic RS. However, given that the Japanese version of the Civic Hatchback comes equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, it is likely that the RS model will have comparable features to the American Civic Si Sedan.

With that being mentioned, the Civic RS may potentially feature a 1.5-liter turbocharged motor generating an impressive 200 horsepower. The presence of a six-speed manual gearbox has already been verified. And, if it follows suit with its counterpart, the Civic Si, it is likely to receive enhancements for better performance such as a upgraded suspension, a rev-matching mechanism, and a limited-slip differential, among other modifications. Staying true to its predecessors, power delivery is expected to be directed solely to the front wheels.

On the exterior, the Civic RS and Civic Si may appear alike (with their 10-spoke wheels), but the main difference lies in the body style – the former being a hatchback. The Honda Civic equipped with the RS package boasts a sporty aesthetic, thanks to its honeycomb grille and revamped front bumper. While there were no interior images released, it is expected that, similar to other markets where the RS variant is available, the cabin will feature bold red accents reminiscent of the Civic Type R.

This autumn, Honda is set to introduce the latest version of its Civic RS in Japan. In anticipation of this highly anticipated launch, the company is delighting attendees at the Tokyo Auto Salon with an impressive lineup of vehicles, including the renowned Red Bull Racing RB19 equipped with a Honda engine. This exceptional Formula One car managed to attain victory in an astonishing 21 out of 22 races during the 2023 season.

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